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Game Of Thrones Star Lena Headey Definitely Knows How To Flaunt Her Bikini Body - Cersei Lannister

September 21, 2017
First published on:August 10, 2016
by John

She is a heartthrob beauty queen and a perfect example of a woman who lives her life the way she wants. There are just no boundaries for this woman. Independent and multi-talented actress Lena Headey started her acting career at a really young age and there's no looking back for her. Just how her acting skills are phenomenal, such as her body tone. The 43-year-old mother of two has inspired a lot of women on staying in shape and maintaining a toned body figure.

Lena Headey flaunting her perfectly shaped Bikini body

Oh, My! Any man would fall for this woman. She is a piece of art. Not everyone has the body and courage to look flawless in what they wear. Our dear Cersei is definitely an exception. The following pictures were taken for Esquire's magazine photo shoot.

Brace yourselves; Cersei is here, a sexy version of Cersei you have never seen before!

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If you look closely at this picture, you will notice her worked out biceps. We need to proof to confirm that she hits the gym at regular periods. Not just her arms, we can spot some abs in there too. The bright white lingerie faultlessly matches her radiant skin tone and those tattoos of hers - adds an extra point to her personality.

And there she slays again! She ain't afraid of any camera or anyone around her. Is she any less than Victoria's Secret model? This black laced braissre gives an extra glow to her skin - matches her hair color and contrasts with that of her eyes.

These sexy curves could kill someone right there and then. Moreover, the leather dress adds an extra spark to her body.Her body figure is 33-24-33.  A fact - Those tattoos are for real. Women her age struggles to maintain a sleek body and there she is - making the best of what she has.

Her posture is on spot, expression - bang on, the color of her nightwear - just the right one! Her eyes seem to be so seductive - she can attract any man she wants in the whole world!

Lena Headey in reel and real life

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Her character is portrayed as a furious mother and a widow in the HBO fantasy-drama Game of Thrones. Being the only daughter in the family with her twin brother (who also happens to be her love interest), Cersei is a strong as well as a rather mean character.

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In real life, Lena had her bad days when she split in 2013 with her musician husband Peter Loughran after six years of marriage. The former couple has a 6-year-old son together. She is known to have suffered from post-natal depression after her first child was born. Behind the enraged Cersei - there lies Lena with her own kindness and troubles. The 300 actress had to go through her divorce as well as continue her role as Cersei on the sets. According to Daily Mail, Lena is known to be an outspoken person who shares her opinions for the world to know. During her photo shoot with More, she expressed her feelings about her divorce, "It is tough. There is a lot of dissatisfaction, sorrow, and wound."

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According to Parent Herald, HBO star Lena who had her second child, a daughter in 2015, opened up about how her daughter has the freedom of choice.

Source: Daily Mail

"She will have the freedom to dance, sing, to marry if she wishes to, to remain single, it's all her choice".


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