Game of Thrones star Hannah Murray dating her co-star John Bradley? Are the pair having an affair in real life?

HitBerryPublished on   27 Aug, 2015Updated on   28 Apr, 2021

Hannah Murray first starred in the cult hit TV show Skins before bagging an important role in Game of Thrones, which is currently the most watched TV show on earth. Hannah stars as Gilly a wildling girl who has a baby out of Incest and is the love of actor John Bradley’s character Samuel Tarley. And now, Murray and her co-star Bradley seem to have taken their on screen love affair to real life.

The on screen couples have reportedly been seen together. John has apparently been driving his hot co-star back home from work since they share the same set locations. He has also been doing cute, romantic things for Gilly like taking her out on exquisite dates, sending her flowers and making her laugh.

Murray recently tweeted “John likes to read me funny tweets in the car on the way home”.

Bradley has also said that he loves to spend time with Murray. Although the rumored couples have yet to announce that they are officially dating, we are happy to see Sam become Gilly’s almost-boyfriend after trying so hard. They would make televisions cutest couple. In fact, Sam and Gilly are so cute, we think they should get a show to themselves

Apart from Game of Thrones Murray has been doing quite a few movies too. She starred alongside Johnny Deep in the movie ‘Dark shadows’ in 2012. The same year, she was in the action thriller The Numbers Station. This year has been Murray’s year as she bagged the best actress in the Tribeca film festival for her role as Sara in the Danish film Bridgened. She also starred in a Independent American film ‘God help the Girl’ which was highly acclaimed by the critics.

Apart from acting on-screen Murray has got a special talent for on stage acting. Her lead role in Martine a play by Jean-Jacques Bernard had nothing but praises for her. Her performance was considered one of the most beautiful and heart- breaking for the year. Many have said her acting is brilliant and character portrayal is unprecedented.

Many consider her to be the next big actress out of Britain and have already started comparing her to legendary actresses such as Dame Helen Mirer and Judi Dench. She is currently working on her upcoming film The Chosen which is set for release in the spring of 2016. She is also currently working n the sets of Game of Thrones season 6.

Hannah is so famous at the moment that she has a number of fan accounts on Twitter and Instagram. The fans just love her so. She is very active on Instagram and Twitter and is constantly posting updates about her life. It is actually quite a task finding out her real accounts. But those of you who do will be getting an insider’s view into her life. Hannah has an estimated net worth of over $1 Million.