Game of Thrones, so much closer to its end! Know how Massie Williams wants it to end.

Game of Thrones, one of the best HBO series which has gathered millions of fans over the years, is now about to end! The show where five of the main stars earn $500,000 per episode each, is now about to leave their fans alone. Me being a GOT fan, I am already worried about what I’m gonna watch after its last episode.

Talking about Game of Thrones ending, all the characters have their own way of imagining how the season shall end. But not everyone reveals their thought on social sites like Massie Williams (Arya). Arya has her own imagination for how GOT should end. Keep on scrolling if you want to know more details.

Game of Thrones about to end

If you are a big fan of GOT, you must already know that HBO confirmed that the series is going to end! It’s true that no one of us wants the series to end but we are so much eager to know what happens in the final season.

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Arya Stark from GOT, Source: Star pulse

While being asked about why the series is heading towards its end, one of the showrunners, David Benioff said,

The thing that has excited us from the beginning, back to the way we pitched to HBO is, it's not supposed to be an ongoing show, where every season it's trying to figure out new story lines. We wanted it to be one giant story, without padding it out to add an extra 10 hours, or because people are still watching it. We wanted something where, if people watched it end to end, it would make sense as one continuous story. We're definitely heading into the end game now.

There is no set date of when the final season is going to air but it surely is going to be in 2018. HBO revealed that the final 13 episodes were split into two final seasons, so it’s been confirmed that the eighth season will have just six episodes.

How Massie Williams wants GOT to End

Every fan of GOT has their own fantasy of how the series might end. Not only fans but the cast members also have their own fantasies. Massie Williams has recently opened up about her fantasy of how the ending of the show could be. She says that Arya has so much power so she wants to end it like this:

I’ve always had this fantasy in the back of my head — I don’t think it’s a good ending and fans might not like it — but that somebody would sit on the Iron Throne at the end and then they whip their face off and it’s Arya instead. I’ve always had that dream.

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Massie Williams as Arya, Source: Daily Express

This ending is quite interesting, but it’s easier said than done. Just like she killed The Fray, she has to kill a lot of people as well as white walkers before she even gets any closer to the Iron Throne. She is so happy to be the Faceless Man as well, she added

When I heard first heard about the Faceless Men, I always thought it would be really cool if she switched faces with a leading character rather than an unknown person’s face. I really hope [viewers] don’t guess it’s her straight away.


After watching Millie Bobby’s acting as Eleven on Stranger Things, she said to the media that:

It is just wonderful to see more young girls in those sort of roles. I know that Arya was part of that. It’s made it okay to see little girls not just in dresses, and it’s okay for little girls to look like little boys, and it’s not quite so shocking and awful anymore.

Millie Bobby on Stranger Things, Source: kiss

Again going back to GOT, at the end of the show, Massie wants Arya to be happy and safe and be paired with someone good looking, she further explained,

I just want her to be happy and be safe and for someone to look out for her. She’s become so independent, and she’s got quite a hard-ass attitude. I think that it’d be nice to have peace of mind that she’s being protected by an elder. Not sure who that would be. But she’s had it rough, and it’d be nice for her to have a nice hunk. Can’t imagine that really happening—this is Game of Thrones—but in my world that’s what I would like for her.

At the end, she said that she wants to GOT to end with a nice arc, she revealed,

I'm just trying to do the last few scenes that I have justice. I'm just trying to shape Arya the way that I have been so far, and give her a nice arc to end with, and hope the people are happy with it.