Game of Thrones season 6 premiered and fans loved it.

HitBerryPublished on   25 Apr, 2016Updated on   30 May, 2021

Game of Thrones season 6 premiered and fans loved it. That was quite intense!


Here is GAME OF THRONES Season 6 Episode 1 FIRST LOOK CLIPS (2016) HBO Series



Game of Thrones is back with a bang. The premiere was full of shock, bloody acts, and creepy reveals. However, it still conceals the definite answers about the fate of Jon Snow. Wow! Directors do know how to manage a cliff hanger.

The first episode from the season six that we are so much talking about has moved ahead of George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire book series.

Now with that even the avid I mean the most dedicated readers have no idea about what is going to happen next. If we follow the reviews of the first episode, The Red Woman, is somehow solved some of the cliffhangers from the last but also has a few amusements inside the door. The episode includes one very creepy reveal involving the leading lady.

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Now that the premiere is out. Fans all around the globe really loved it.

Here is yet another video of the review of the season premiere.

The creepy season six premiere left the audience at a big awe. The fans were heavily positive about the show. A lot of entertainers also tweeted about the show. 


All in all, it  was an episode to be remembered and it sure lived up to the expectations of fans. This is what fans have been waiting for.