Gale Harold, famous for playing gay role in Queer as Folk, is NOT DATING!!!! The actor is apparently tired of constant girlfriend rumors

August 21, 2015
First Published On: August 21, 2015
by HitBerry

Gale Harold, famed for playing gay role in Queer as Folk, is NOT dating anyone!!! The talented actor has been surrounded with constant rumors that he is dating someone and he is tired of denying these rumors all the time and very irritated with reports suggesting that he has a secret girlfriend. He explained these rumors on his social networking site last year, but these rumors just won’t stop!! He is still being hounded. So, to get the point across, we’ll say it one more time HE IS SINGLE!!!!

Although the actor, age 46, is not dating anyone right now, he has been previously linked with Danielle Saklofsky. The pair got to know each other at a party on 2012. It was love at first sight for Danielle. However, at the time, Gale was “too stoned to realize she was a woman”. Later in the relationship, He became pretty serious about the two of them and was even planning to get married. But, after some time, they had a tough break-up with each obtaining a restraining order against the other.

 The warning order against Saklofsky was completed after Harold told a judge, 'I am scared,’ he said in an interview.

Harold in court papers claimed that he aimed to split up with Saklofsky and she had told him, “I will not leave me.”

The actor also asserts that Saklofsky harassed him a few days later outside a café and striked him after screaming, 'You cannot go away me, I will demolish you!' He also claimed that actress Saklofsky attempted to beat him in the head with a mason jar full with coins.

Saklofsky in her prudence order against Harold stated he grabbed her by her pony tail and smacked her.

Both sides also have been quarrelling about the issue ever since.

Harold, in his court papers, said she was five-feet, five inches tall and weights 145 lbs. Saklofsky in her court case said his substantial quality are incorrect and claimed she was five-feet, seven inches and weighed 120. The court ordered that they should reside 100 yards far from one other.

Gale Harold is known for his lead roles in the Indie romantic comedy “Falling for Grace”, which debuted positively at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival. He played an adequate New York single in an inter-racial bond with an Asian-American woman. The film displayed at festivals, theaters and campuses in the U.S., China and Germany; it was released on March, 2010.

He stands with the height of 1.87m.He is of American nationality. This actor is quite active in the social media. He regularly tweets and has numerous followers on his Twitter. He also uploads his pictures in Instagram to share them with his loved ones and fans.