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Gabriel Macht revealing Harvey's 'Coat Of Armor' being Finally Off

May 24, 2016
First published on:May 24, 2016
by John

Suits, a fictional law firm which has been successful in its five episodes is all set to air its sixth episode on coming July 13.

Film’s main character Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter) has been portraying his character in a very realistic way in every episode.

Macht revealed to Pedestrian-

"We've seen a guy who's really presented himself along with his suit as a coat of armor.”

 "It's unbreakable. It's uber-confidence for the insecurity that's deep inside of him. He overcompensates for the insecurities he has what's inside of him. But I've often found that he could be more human, and we could see a little underneath the armour."

Macht seems much excited for season 6 because Mike (another lead character) and the rest of his former colleagues are now paying for their wrong choices.

Macht’s spoiler for the sixth season had made the audiences more eager to watch it.

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