Gabriel Jagger, age 18, has his parents, Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, worried

February 16, 2016
First Published On: February 16, 2016
by HitBerry

Gabriel Jagger, who turned 18 last December has his parents, musician Sir  Mick Jagger and model Jerry Hall, worried. How? We have all the information you need.
A source close to the Rolling Stones legend and his former partner Hall told a magazine: “Mick and Jerry are quite worried about their young son Gabriel. He recently turned 18 and he is officially an adult now. Now he is free do the things he wanted to do and Mick and Jerry are worried that their son would get into a wrong path.”
The source further added that even though Gabriel was a bright and gentle guy, his mom and dad were worried that their young boy would not be able to make right decisions for himself, now that he is an adult. 
“Mick and Jerry are worried that their bright and gentle boy would not be able to make right choices and correct decisions in his life. He is free and independent now. He is supposed to be making his life’s decision himself and we all know how young adults easily get influenced by something they find interesting. And Gabriel is no exception."
“He is quite eager and loves to learn new stuff but the problem is he easily gets influenced by anything that he comes across. They think that he might get into drugs, alcohol and other ill habits. This is the reason why his parents are troubled. They are anxious that their son would trail in the wrong path and make wrong decisions." 
“I think that worries are natural. They are his parents and they love him like all their children. They care for him and want the best for him in his life, so they don’t want Gabriel to get spoiled,” said the tale bearer. 
The source also said that Hall thought that Gabriel is young and would be dating girls soon but she does not want him to end up like her former partner Mick Jagger. He has dated number of women in his life and and has seven children from different relationship.
The gossip monger further said that the former couple is having further problems because of their elder son, James. James Jagger posted a picture of himself on his Facebook with a caption: ‘stoned again! How’d that happen.’ 
The elder of Mick and Jerry’s son, James uploaded a snap of him where he was seen pouting with a big pair of dark sunglasses. And the pictured was showered with comments from his friends, who made references to class B drug cannabis. While his mother once boasted that her kids would never get into alcohol and drugs claiming that her kids were just very grounded and spent their entire childhood looking at Keith Richards passed out on the couch. 
But James getting into drugs shows something else. So because of James, Jagger and his ex-girlfriend are petrified with a thought that their younger would also copy his elder brother.
Aside from brother james, Gabriel has two sisters, Lizzie and Georgia. 

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