Gabriel Hogan's Married Life with his Wife Inga Cadranel, do they have Children?

September 25, 2017
First Published On: September 25, 2017

Often when it comes celebrities life, even small things develop lots of buzzes on the internet. Here we are back again with another news on celebrities' married life. And it's not about divorce nor break ups.

Gabriel Hogan is best known for his continuous role on hit dramas Traders, Heartland, and The Associate. Hogan is a low-key person and prefers to maintain a low profile life. However, there are rumors of Hogan divorce. Is it true? Let's find out.

Gabriel Hogan Married Life

Canadian actor Gabriel is among the celebrities whose personal life has been in the shade for quite long years. Heartland star Gabriel is a renowned face in the film industry and it's surprising to know that there are only little pieces of information on this actor.

The 44-year-old Gabriel is a married man. Hogan tied a knot with Inga Cadranel. However, there isn't much information how they ended up in each others' lives. Even the dates and location of their wedding is still behind the curtains.

Gabriel Hogan, source:

If you watched a TV show, Dark Matter, then  Inga will a familiar face for you. Like her husband, the 39-year-old Igna is a Canadian actress and mostly known for her roles in television shows.

Inga Cadranel, source: IMDb

We have to say, Gabriel and his wife Igna likes to be secretive when it comes to their personal life.

Some sources have claimed that these actors are blessed with a son named Ryder Hogan back in 2006. However, like his parents, Ryder is maintaining his low profile life.

After surfing hours on the Internet, only a few pieces of information are found on Canadian born actor.

Gabriel Hogan and his wife Inga Cadranel, Source: Toronto Star

If we take a quick look at Gabriel's twitter, he only tweets about his work. On the other hand, his wife Inga shares pictures of herself on Instagram whereas other celebrities take on social media to share their memorable moments with their family.

We hope in near future Gabriel and Inga open more about their relationship and married life. As his fans have lots of questions on his personal life.

Gabriel Hogan divorce rumors

If we look at both of Inga and Gabriel's social media, then you can't see pictures where are they are together. Unlike other couples, maybe they prefer to maintain a complete secrecy on their personal life.

This raised the questions on their marriage. So, did they decide to get a divorce? or just a rumor?

Some of the sources have claimed that Gabriel is single.

Well, till now, there is no news of getting a divorce or any kind of fights about this couple that is floating on the internet. And they haven't announced to the public yet. So this rumor might be just a rumor.