FUNNY: Yasmin Vossoughian Apologize With Rhino For Calling Them Giraffe and Get Punked by @Fart

HitBerryPublished on   09 Aug, 2016Updated on   17 May, 2021

Yasmin Vossoughian is a Journalist and she has worked for more than just one TV channel. Some of It would be HLN, AOL, NY1,, Gallup World Poll, etc. She graduated from Occidental College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Los Angeles.


There are many funny incidents concerning Yasmin and her TV appearances, she once apologized to Rhinos for calling them Giraffe and she has been Punkd by a guy who goes by the Twitter name @Fart (Jon Hendren).

Yasmin is also famous for her unique nose.

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During the news summary on HLN about Rhinos at San Diego Zoo, Yasmin mistakenly called them as “what a cute Giraffe”. Lol. It was sort of a funny moment and she apologized with a note that said “Dear Rhinos, very sorry to have mistakenly called you ‘Giraffes’.

I did not mean in any ways to despair your proud history of being the second largest land mammal after ‘Elephants’. She added by saying that, to call them as ‘Giraffes’ was an insult to them. Well, I must say she is really funny.

She has a great love for Dogs.

And while Yasmin conducted an interview with a man who claimed to be an Edward Snowden supporter, HLN bought a guest who went by the Twitter named @fart and decided to reply all questions as if they were debating on ‘Edward Scissorhands’ and not Snowden.

At last, it turns out that the @fart guy was the comedian Jon Hendren. He talked like he was speaking of Edward Scissorhands during all minutes of the interview.

And he followed the incident by tweeting “in all sincerity I really did believe we were talking about Edward Scissorhands”. Can you imagine? The entire time, she was being fooled.

In 2005, Yasmin was awarded a ‘Cine Golden Eagle Award’ for her work as a correspondent for Al Gore’s afresh launched current Television. Regardless of her appearances on a news channel, Yasmin has interviewed many Hollywood popular luminaries like Tom Cruise, Salma Hayek and more.

With her beauty along with talent, she is considered as one of the best and beautiful journalists in the whole world. Quite impressive, huh.

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Her career started out as a world news correspondent at the Gallup World Poll. Some years later, she turned herself into an international correspondent for the In less time, she then served on the local New York City channel called NY1 as a reporter.

Over there, she covered up some of the prime news concerning ‘Hurricane Sandy's Devastation’, etc. And finally, after working for AOL as a host, Yasmin joined HLN in May 2014.

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Yasmin is now married to Whittaker Lindsay Clifford and she is pregnant too.