French Film Director Luc Besson is now a US Tax resident

August 3, 2015
First Published On: August 3, 2015
by HitBerry

Hollywood is a glamorous world and director Luc Besson is apparently eager to live this life. The French director, who has directed movies such as “Taken” and “Transporter” is now officially a US resident. His production house, Europacorp, announced the news.

Now that Besson is a US Tax resident, questions were asked as to why the director, age 56, adopted this change. While many speculated it was to evade hefty French taxes, A EuroCorp spokesman stated that Besson’s main motive was for a better regulation into American life. Besson has a home in America and hence opted to pay taxes in that very country.

"He is in the United States, so he pays taxes there," the spokesman said.

"When you work in the US in an American company -- in this case the American subsidiary of EuropaCorp -- and your family is going to live in California, you become an American tax resident,"

"He is not seeking to become a tax exile," the spokesman continued. It turns out that taxes in both places are roughly same so saving money was definitely not the director’s motive.

With earnings that reach more than six million euros a year including an annual salary of 790,000 euros, Beson has gone on to direct many movies of praiseworthy success. His latest film was the Scarlett Johansonn starrer Lucy, a sci-fi movie where a girl can harness 100% of human brain’s capability allowing her to carry out supernatural tasks.

As successful asBesson’s professional life has been, his marital life however has been one rollercoaster ride, with four marriages till now. He first married actress Anne Parillaud, who starred in Nikita, a film Besson directed. The two gave birth to daughter Julliet in 1987 and split back in 1991 following differences in opinions. He then married Maïwenn Le Besco, who was also an actress. Interestingly, Besco was only 15 when the two began dating in 1991. The two then married in 1992 after girlfriend Le Besco was pregnant with daughter Shanna. Inspired by their love life, Besson directed the critically acclaimed film Léon in 1994. Nonetheless, the two divorced in 1997 after it was reported that Besson was romantically involved with hot Ukrainian actress Milla Jovovich while he was directing the movie The Fifth Element. This marriage also did not last long as the two separated in 1999, two years after getting married.

On 28 August 2004, Besson, height 5’7”, married film producer Virginie Silla after meeting at an event. The couple have three children all together: Talia, Satine, and Mao Besson and seem to be going strong. Compared to his past marriages, his marital life with Virginie has been going very strong, having crossed their 10th anniversary.

With around 40.7 K followers on Twitter, the director, who has directed numerous films like Taxi, Big Blue, The Fifth Element, District 13 to name a few, remains a much loved director both in France and America. Not only this, he has many books to his name as well, which are all very good reads. A talented director, fans are now eagerly waiting for his next movie.