Freema Agyeman, age 36, considering marriage with her long time boyfriend

December 8, 2015
First Published On: December 8, 2015
by HitBerry

If you are like many of Freema Agyeman’s fans who wish to see her get married soon, your wish might soon be fulfilled. Rumor has it that the British actress is finally tying the knot with her long time boyfriend pretty soon.

Freema Agyeman has been living together with her boyfriend for a long time now. Agyeman’s close friends have always admired the couple’s romantic relationship. And now, the time seems ripe for the two lovebirds to get married.

The Law and Order star has been reportedly dating a Real Estate agent from London. The actress, however, has been keeping the identity of her boyfriend a secret. Sources close to the actress have reported that the actress’ husband-to-be is the person she is in fact the real estate agent she has been reported to be dating for quite a while now.

Various news outlets have already claimed that the actress has already chosen the place and time to get married. Her work friends from the hit TV show ‘Law and Order’ are also expected to be present at the wedding. It is being claimed that her parents are paying for all the wedding expenses.

Agyeman’s father is a Methodist by religion while her mother is Muslim. However, the actress grew up as a Roman Catholic. She is reportedly getting married to her boyfriend in a Roman Catholic ceremony.  She is expected to get married at a local church in London in the presence of her friends and family. Her parents have no problem with how she gets married.

Freema is 36 years from age. She has had a career that would be deemed pretty successful. She has millions of fans throughout the word and her net worth is also very high. With all this professional success, it is understandable that the actress is deciding to take some personal time from her career to start a family.

Our sources have also confirmed that even though the actress is planning get married, she doesn’t plan on having kids any time soon. She reportedly believes that the time is right for her to get married but she is not ready to have babies.  She doesn’t want to have babies until she is in her late thirties, reports suggest. It seems the actress isn’t willing to risk her hot body, which is reportedly one of the main reasons against her decision to have a child right now.

She started her acting career at the age of 22. She rose to fame with her role in the popular British Sci-Fi series ‘Doctor Who’.  She has also made appearance in several other popular TV series and movies since then. She is known for work in Theatrical plays. She has also narrated the story of Doctor Who in radio broadcast.

Her Twitter has over 165k followers. Her Instagram has 95k followers. She can be followed on both Twitter and Instagram @freemaofficial.