Frankie Bridge and Husband Wayne Bridge's Married Life, Know about their kids and their sex lives

January 28, 2018
First Published On: January 28, 2018

If we get popular then people become more curious and start discussing our personal as well as professional life. After being a public figure, our married life and relationships always stays in highlights and becomes more prioritized for the fans and social media. So, everything is out of the closet.

In the same way, English singer, Frankie Bridge's personal life is also often discussed in the social media. Frankie is married to Wayne Bridge. So, how is the married life between the couple going on? Do they have any children? Keep Scrolling to find out.

Frankie Bridge Married To Wayne Bridge

The renowned singer, Frankie Bridge is already married to her husband, Wayne Bridge. Her husband Wayne is a former an English retired footballer who played a left back. 

[ CAPTION: Frankie Bridge and Wayne Bridge on their wedding ][ SOURCE: Dailymail ]

The couple started dating each other back in 2011. And after dating for three years, they decided to take their relationship to the next level and finally shared their vows on July 19, 2014. However, the duo married secretly and yet they haven't revealed any information about their wedding.

Frankie and her Husband Children

Well, the beautiful couple is blessed with two children. Bridge and Wayne welcomed their first child, a son Parker Bridge in 2013 before their marriage. In the same way, the duo welcomed their second son Carter Bridge on August 15, 2015. 

In an interview with HELLO! Online, Bridge mentioned the thing she learned from motherhood is, "Just to stress less." And Bridge further added and said, she has been such an anxious person and always overthink everything. She always worries about everyone and everything and actually it's gone the opposite way since she had children. 

[ CAPTION: Frankie Bridge and Wayne Bridge with children ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Furthermore, Bridge also participated in a moving new video on motherhood in 2017. In that event, all participants were asked to tell about being a mom and having children. Well, Bridge expressed all her love for children

Along with their profession, Bridge and Wayne are successfully maintaining their family. They give equal time to their family and are often seen sharing pictures of their family on their social accounts.

Frankie Bridge Shares Her Sex Life With Husband Wayne Bridge

Frankie and Wayne never hesitate to talk their sex life. The duo appeared in the Channel 4 show. In the show, Bridge was asked to tell about her sex life with spouse Wayne. However, she opened up about struggling to keep the spark alive in the bedroom.

Youtube: Frankie Bridge reveals her sex life with Husband Wayne Bridge

Furthermore, Bridge blamed that her husband can't read her cues and further mentioned Wayne's habit of trying to initiate sex at the wrong time. Bridge further revealed that she does not have mood when she is feeling fat, anxious, overly tired or emotional

[ CAPTION: Frankie Bridge and Wayne Bridge ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

However, Wayne mentioned that Bridge always has an excuse whenever he attempts to be spontaneous between the sheets. Likewise, after Bridge revealed her sex life with spouse Wyne, Bridge also revealed that her three-year-old son Parker STILL sleeps in her bed

Although they have some personal conflicts, the couple are still happy with each other. Their love for each other hasn't decreased. Well, we wish the couple a wonderful relationship ahead.