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Franka Potente and her husband, Derek Richardson, who already have a daughter together expecting another baby?

March 30, 2016
First published on:March 30, 2016
by HitBerry

Baby news in the Holly town!!!!

Recently we got reports on German actress and singer Franka Potente is expecting a baby with husband Derek Richardson for the second time. The couple - married since 2012 already has two children together.

It has been rumored that the actress has started to skip several shoots and has lowered her working times. She has shifted all shoots to the daytime and confirms her works to be finished by the evening.

Sources say that when the actress was enquired she said it was because of her tiredness and some personal works at home like giving time to daughter Polly and Georgie.

But we have the habit of smelling the news no matter how much celeb try to hide it.

She not only has shifted her schedules but also has skipped drinks and it has been proved many times, says source.

It has also been reported that Franka has hired a personal physical trainer and nutritionist to take care of her baby as well as her work.

We already sniffed Franka's pregnancy. She is pregnant and maybe this time it is baby boy.

Not only Franka, Derek also has started making up his time to spend quality moments of parenthood. It is reported that last week Dereke managed some of his time to take his pregnant wife to vacation at the peaceful sites.

Polly and Georgie too are excited to welcome their youngest sibling, says source.

Although we have publicized the news, the celeb couple wanted to keep it as secret until her baby bump starts to show up.

Sorry Dereke and Franka. We could not wait as you know we are always in search of gossips to talk (miffs).

The couple is currently over the moon as they are going to welcome the new member to their family.

Dereke Richardson and Franka Potente got married in mid-2012 after dating for some years.

 Let us tell you that the couple gave birth to elder daughter Polly in April 2011 before their marriage. After Polly was born, the couple could not wait any longer and eventually got hitched.


Soon after their marriage, second daughter Georgie came to this world in 2013. Now it is the turn of next little one to come to the Richardson family.

Before Franka married Richardson, she was dating Tom Tykwer for five years .After her split with Tom, she dated NOFX band guitarist Eric Melvin for short period of time.

We are happy for the couple and the little member. Hope this time it is a baby boy to complete the Richardson family.

Franka and Dereke Richardson, we are up here to hear about the baby from you!!!!

Best wishes to the expectant mother and the little Richardson growing in her bump!!!!