Frank Kern is married to Miss Bikini Universe Natalia Muntean Kern with three children. Happy Family

October 17, 2016
First published on:October 17, 2016
by HitBerry

Frank Kern and Miss Bikini Universe Natalia Muntean is married for almost 4 years now; and think about what, they have 3 children together and appears as though they are quite a happy family.

As indicated by lovebucket, the pair wedded on 2012 New Year's and that Frank posted the report on Facebook expressing "I just got married". If you don’t believe me, check it out yourself.

Frank Kern

Straight to the point, Frank Kern is a marketing legend; however before winding up as a successful person, he was a ‘door to door’ credit card salesman which he hated more than anything.

One day when he was surfing the web on the off chance that he could get his attempt to make the deal before a large number of audiences every day, that is when his career started turning on and he was introduced to ‘Internet Marketing’ then after. 

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Natalia Muntean

Natalie Muntean is a fitness model, nutritionist and fitness writer; and an Entrepreneur. She got involved in fitness after being super frustrated with all fatty diets that is available.

As a frustrated teenager, she started reading books after that and filled herself with so much knowledge which made her who she is today.

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Natalia started with passion and ended up as a real successful fitness person. To this day, she has won plenty awards like ‘Miss Bikini Universe Overall Champion 2009’, ‘WBFF Fitness Model World Champion 2009’ and ‘Miss Bikini Florida 2008’. 

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Frank Kern and Natalie Muntean

Reports believe that Frank and Natalia got married on 2012 New Year’s and have 3 children (2 daughters and 1 baby boy).Speaking of truth, they are both really successful but are quite busy with their schedule. However, they manage to take their time off the work and make their relationship last as time goes by. 

Frank Kern's Facebook Profile

Frank Kern's Facebook Profile

Source: lovebucketblog

It appears as though the two daughters are with Frank’s ex-wife and the only child that Natalia and Frank gave birth to is a baby boy named ‘Alexander’. However, Natalia states that she loves them like her own and they inspire her to become a better person every day. 

Source: nataliamuntean

In one of Natalia’s sites, she has written that she was in coma for 48 hours and that it was the biggest threat of her life. However, she went it through and survived the pregnancy with no such harm. Furthermore, she has shared some awesome pictures with Frank, their children and more. Check it out. 

Source: nataliamuntean

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