Frank Kern - Internet Marketing Guru's Net worth and Career. See how he makes money in millions

HitBerryPublished on   17 Oct, 2016Updated on   12 May, 2021

From the door-to-door salesman, Frank Kern from the United States of America has now become the Guru of the internet marketing space these days. Today he is a successful industrialist, internet marketer and business consultant.

The internet marketing guru has come a long way from rejections to success. Frank Kern was self-empowered after looking some Tony Robbins tapes and starting to formulate the ideas. Then he learned about making money online, bought $297 coursed on how to make money online and paved his life towards success.

He is married to Natalia Muntean Kern.


Frank KernFrank Kern

Frank Kern Net worth

The well-known President of the internet is famous worldwide. He is not only recognized as an internet marketing guru but also as a copywriter, industrialist and a business consultant too. He has launched many online products which help people in their business and those products get sold at the general price of $2,997 to $3,997.

Frank KernFrank Kern

Frank Kern net worth is estimated to be $28 Million. Frank Kern have many of his product launched like Mass Conversion, Mass Control, Mass Control 2.0 re-launched, List Control, info business blueprint, Client Acquisition System and so on which is a special online training guide which helps a person to raise the business strategically.

Frank is also the creator of Behavioral Dynamic Response which is an automated marketing method that speeds up the sales cycle by customising the marketing messaged based on the prospect's behaviour.


Frank Kern Career

Frank Kern began his work as a door-to-door salesman for credit card processing systems in Macon GA.  Then after facing lots of rejection he was motivated to do his own work. He then saw some Tony Robbins tape and learned about making money online. He even bought a $297 course about making money online from the late Cory Rudl.


After many learning, he hired an author who to write a Teach your parrot to talk. On the other hand, he was doing lots of research and found out that he could do lots more. Then he started writing the ad in advance, he even hired a writer for the work.

After that, he did some course in Dogs. As he realized that dogs respond well, he went on to run ads for the dogs and got huge success. Frank started this business in 2005 and in 2006 he made sales of over $1 Million.

Frank Kern marketing quoteFrank Kern marketing quote

Later in 2008 he sold his dog business and focused on teaching people to make money online. His main source is not only the online products he sells but also his live seminars. Frank does live seminars in a regular interval where per ticket hold up to $25,000.

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