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Frank Kern - Biography - Internet Marketing Genius success story

October 17, 2016
First published on:October 17, 2016
by John


Frank Kern is a popular and successful entrepreneur, business consultant and internet marketer from the United States.

He also considered as one of the top “guru’s” in the internet marketing space. His trademark blonde “Surfer-style” gave him a huge and loyal fan base.

It is the success and the inspirational story of a smart and talented entrepreneur. Frank has earned fame and name by selling several online contents and besides that he has also made numerous contributions to the web analytics industry.

In today’s context, Frank is one of the highest paid internet marketing consultant and copywriter as he has launched the most lucrative online marketing campaigns.

His latest information product was released in 2014 which has given the name Mass Convention.

Early life

Frank Kern was born on 30 August 1973 in the United States. In the year 1994, Frank lost everything that he owned because of the flood in Macon, Ga.

After the tragic incident, Frank moved into a single-wide trailer Milledgeville, GA and which had plywood floors, a mattress on the floor to sleep on, and a peach crate for a table.

At that time the only job he could find was working at a Greek fast food restaurant. Nobody would have thought that the person who was not even able to earn that much to fulfill his basic needs will be one of the richest entrepreneurs one day.

Early career

Frank Kern

After lots of struggle, Frank Kern began his professional career as a door-to-door salesman for credit card processing systems, in Macon, GA.

Similarly, around that time he borrowed some Tony Robbins tapes from his step-father and began formulating the mindset to make his way to the top of the Internet Marketing industry.

Thereafter, he started taking interest and learning about making money online. Similarly, he also bought a $297 course on how to make money online from the late Cory Rudi.

Biggest Breakthrough That Turned Frank Kern’s professional career

Frank Kern

Frank Kern performed an online research to understand the massive demand from the parrot owners to know whether their parrot can talk or not and if they do not then how they can make their parrots talk.

So, he hired an author from Elance for $650 for writing an ebook named ‘Teach your parrot to talk’ and this ebook helped him to earn $3000 per month.

This was the biggest inspiration and boost for him to move on and do something in this field. He has never looked back since then.

The success Frank received after parrot made him focus on other pet which is why he developed a course for 600 different breeds of dogs and used the same book for all breeds but different websites.

Several contributions of Frank Kern to Web Analytical Community

The immense popularity and success of Frank Kern’s online products have earned him the title of ‘Internet Marketing Guru’.

The best part is that he began teaching about ways to make money online as he believes in sharing knowledge to the world.

Similarly, he has also started his own blog for the large audience which is about sharing online marketing tips as well as promoting his products.

It is an honor to know people like Frank who not only tasted success but are also sharing their knowledge to educate others.

Personal Life of Frank Kern

Frank Kern with his family

Frank Kern married fitness model, fitness writer and nutritionist Natalia Muntean on 2012.  However, it was not the first marriage of Frank as he was already married before and has two daughters with his ex-wife.

Similarly, Frank and Natalia also gave birth to a baby boy named Alexander. The couple has been married for about four years now and they look very happy together.

Natalia Muntean Kern's Net worth.

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