Frances McDormand Married Since 1984; Living Happily With Husband and Adopted Son

March 28, 2018
First Published On: March 28, 2018

A multi-award winning actress, Frances McDormand whose net worth is around $10 million has been married to the director, Joel Coen and had adopted a son together.


The people of the previous generation believed marriage to be a sacred bonding between not only the bodies but the two souls too. Likewise, Frances is also of the same generation who agreed that the marital bond is the greatest. She has, therefore, stayed together by her husband, Joel Coen’s side in all of her lifetime.

Frances McDormand Married husband Joel Coen and still going strong

Frances McDormand is a happily married girl. Frances McDormand married the director Joel Coen in 1984. The couple met each other in 1983 when Frances gave audition for the movie “Blood Simple.”

CAPTION: Frances McDormand and Joel Coen wedding picture SOURCE: Vanity Fair

Even when the couple is both linked to the filming industry, the cause of their relationship was not what everyone thinks about. They were brought together because of their passion for literature.

Frances, while shooting for the movie Blood Simple had only bought with her one book to the filming location, that is, Texas. For that, Joel often recommended her books of famed writers and with the recommendation, the couple came closer and closer to be finally married.

CAPTION: Frances McDormand and Joel Coen together on red carpet SOURCE: Heavy

The way they got married was of a different amusing type. As they got married in the 80’s, Joel put a ring on Frances’ ring finger. But, it was such a confusing feat as the ring was of
Joel’s previous marriage.

Usually, women don’t like what belongs to the other women. But, due to the practicality of McDormand, she accepted the ring. She thought that the ring shouldn’t go to waste. It has been 34 years since they got married and still, the couple is as happy as they were back in their days.

Frances McDormand and Joel Coen adopted a son

After the eleven years of Frances McDormand and Joel Coen marriage, the couple adopted a son from Paraguay Pedro McDormand Coen. Pedro has already grown up and worked as a personal trainer.

CAPTION: Frances McDormand and Joel Coen with their son Pedro McDormand Coen SOURCE: Pop Sugar
CAPTION: Frances McDormand with her son Pedro McDormand Coen SOURCE: Instagram

While talking about her son, Frances told some tabloid source, it is a life of disaster for every mother. You have to be careful at every step. She also said that she was not the birth mother of Pedro, but it was her duty to raise the child as she adopted him when he was a six-month year old.