Fran Drescher opens up about her traumatic past, her divorce and her new husband Shiva Ayyadurai

November 27, 2015
First published on:November 27, 2015
by HitBerry

When we talk about Fran Drescher, we run out of words. This woman has so much to offer!! Her life has been a huge inspiration for people her around the world. The actress underwent a lot in her past – from overcoming a heinous crime committed against her, to surviving cancer, advocating for her LGBT community and handling her former husband coming out as gay a few years back – placing her as one of the strongest and most amazing actresses in the show biz. And today, we have brought some insight into The Nanny star’s personal life, including her marriage with her new husband Shiva Ayyadurai.

This American film and television comedian, model, actress, producer, ordained minister, and activist was raped by one of the two armed robbers who broke into her and her ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson's Los Angeles apartment back in 1985. The horrible incidence sends a chilling sensation down our spine. One of the two robbers robbed their home, assaulted Jacobson and tied him up and made him watch while the other raped Drescher and her female friend, who was there in the house with them, at gunpoint.

It is not easy for any abuse or rape victim to come out of the trauma so easily. Drescher could hardly handle the horror and it took her several years to be ok with the tragedy and share her ordeal with the media. The Happily Divorced star said in an interview with Larry King that the experience was traumatic. But she found ways to convert the incident into something positive. She said: "My whole life has been about changing negatives into positives."

Her rapist was imprisoned and given two life sentences.

After the horrible incident, Drescher tried her best to get her life back to normal. But her life shattered once again after she and Jacobson separated in 1996. They divorced in 1999 without having any children. But their break up brought in something good in her life. Jacobson announced that he was gay, which ultimately led to Drescher’s campaigns for the LGBT rights and equality. She was right after all – every negative thing brings a ray of positivity in one’s life.

Despite separating Drescher and Jacobson remain friends and business partners, unlike other divorced couple. She stated: "We choose to be in each other’s lives in any capacity. Our love is unique, rare, and unconditional; unless he's being annoying."

When everybody had though that her bad days were over, another trouble struck her. In 2000, she was diagnosed with uterine cancer after being misdiagnosed by eight other doctors. But nothing bad happened as she received timely treatment and was given a clean chit.

Now, this hot actress is happily married to her scientist husband Shiva Ayyadurai. They tied the knot on September 7 last year in the presence of their close friends and family at her beach house. She penned down all her life’s struggle, hardship and achievements in her book, Cancer Schmancer. This book has done a lot to raise awareness among men and women about the early signs of cancer. She also launched a Non-Profit Organization called Cancer Schmancer Movement for the very same reason in June 2007.

Drescher, who has appeared in several movies and received critical acclaims for her roles, lives with her husband. She has an estimated net worth of $12 million. 

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