Foxy Brown's was in a Relationship With Jay Z and Nas, Who is her current Boyfriend?(policy violation)

Ever heard about Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand? It sounds like the name is never heard or you just don't know about her, but, she is Foxy Brown. Actually, Foxy Brown is her stage name. She is an American actress, rapper, and model who is best known for her solo work.

The American rapper started her career in 1994 and since that day, she has always been on the headline. Her dating history is something that everyone is too much eager to know. Check out her past relationships and affairs…

Foxy Brown was in a Relationship with Jay-Z and Nas

As indicated by whosdatedwho, Foxy Brown was once in a relationship with American rapper Jay-Z. The news got sparked away when there were numerous rumors about their sexual relationship in the 90's. She also claimed that Jay-Z took her virginity while she was underage.

Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown

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She revealed all the dirty secrets of Jay-Z; she explained that Jay-Z gave her gonorrhea? What? Seriously??? She revealed that Jay-Z is attracted towards gay sex. Actually, Jay-Z is the one who put Foxy on the rape game, thus took her virginity.

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Foxy Brown and Jay-Z

Foxy Brown and Jay-Z

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While Foxy Brown about her relationship with Jay-Z and their sexual relationship, she then replied:

"Niggas heard I fucked with Ross and had a nigga baby/they said I fucked with Nas and now they say it's AZ, but on the low, the real nigga was Jay-Z"

Beyond all those negative vibes, Foxy wishes to work with Jay-Z again on a track. Speaking up about their relationship, they were more like a husband and a wife.

Foxy Brown and Jay-Z

Foxy Brown was also rumored to be dating American rapper Nas. Foxy and Nas had a very friendly relationship while working as well as in personal life. Everyone wonder how did Foxy get involved in a relationship with Jay-Z and Nas in around 1996-1998. The reason behind we claiming so is; Jay and Nas are one time biggest rivals.

In one of her interviews, she was asked about her relationship with Jay-Z and Nas, she then replied:

"Jay knows that that's the record that made him,"

She said.

"Serious, we all know that. And that's a huge and iconic record for him, but he kept it going. He kept busting his guns..."

Foxy also furthermore explained her relationship with Jay-Z and Nas as:

It's so much the people don't even know. It's like having a husband and a side jump-off and they both know it about each other. You just have to finagle the whole situation."

AZ- Foxy Brown - Nas

AZ- Foxy Brown - Nas 

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