Fox's anchor-reporter Juliet Huddy divorced her husband Doug Barret after five months of their marriage

June 28, 2015
First Published On: June 28, 2015
by HitBerry

The American TV reporter Juliet Huddy works at the Fox News Channel where she currently runs Fox 5’s Good Day Early Show.

The 46 year old television journalist was married to Doug Barret with whom her marriage lasted only for five months. Juliet Huddy had revealed about her divorce on Kidd Chris' show. Reportedly, she briefly dated John Jordan during 2013. She was romantically linked with Steven Wright. The news of the couple’s engagement was all around. But things didn’t work out between the two and the couple called it off. However, following her last spilt, news of her relationships has not made it to the headlines very often.

The Florida-born television journalist is the eldest among singer/performer Erica Huddy and TV producer John’s two children. She attended Langley High School, McLean, Virginia. She got a degree in political science and minor sociology at University of Missouri.

She began her journalism career at the age of 23 as a reporter/producer for KARO-FM’s morning newscast in Columbia, Missouri after completing her education.

The Fox News correspondent had a nose job. Yes, Juliet Huddy after reading news about other people for over 2 decades, Huddy herself became a subject of gossip. The hot news reporter had a pretty attractive face even before she decided go through the knife. While a few years ago, surgeries made celebrities stand out, today, it has almost become a tradition among them. Every now and then, a celebrity decides to enhance different parts of their body through surgery. There is an endless list of Hollywood names that have been through different kinds of surgeries. Looks like Juliet Huddy finally decided to make it to the list. That isn’t the only change in her looks. She also got a haircut. And she got famous for it all over Instagram!

Everybody knows about Fox & Friends host Juliet Huddy is Emmy-winning Fox 5 News/ WNYW (New York) reporter, John Huddy’s sister. But, did you now Juliet had a half-brother too?? Turns out, Huddy didn’t either. Well, she does now but she just discovered that fact at the age of 37!! In an interview with her half-brother, the anchor revealed, “I, I was in the same situation. I found out that I have a half-brother I never knew about after, ironically, about thirty-seven years.” “And, it’s a wonderful thing to be able to keep in touch: you’ll be able to find out so many things that you have in common in so many small areas. It will be wonderful for you to go through this whole adventure,” she added. Strange!! Right?? All these years you keep thinking that you only have a talented, Emmy winning brother but someday, somewhere out of the blue, your half-brother pops up!! But one may just have to deal with it and move on, just like Huddy!!