Fox News Commentator Tucker Carlson is Living Happily with Wife Susan Andrews and Children; Detail Here

Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson aka Tucker Carlson married wife Susan Andrews back in 1991 and is now living a blissful married life. Carlson is an American conservative political commentator for Fox News who is the former host of MSNBC’s Tucker and even co-hosted CNN’s Crossfire.


Leaving Tucker Carlson’s professional career aside, we will be talking about Tucker Carlson’s personal life including his married life, relationship affairs, dating history, children, and more. Check it out:

Tucker Carlson married wife Susan Andrews

Fox News Commentator Tucker Carlson married Susan Andrews back in the year 1991. The couple first met during the first week of 10th grade at St. George School in Rhode Island.

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While recalling the moment, Carlson revealed that his wife, Andrews was the cutest 10th grader in America. Similarly, his wife, Andrews also recalled their 10th-grade moment in the same interview and said:

There was a bounce in his walk. He was in his khaki pants and ribbon belt, and I thought, even then, he seemed so optimistic and positive,

Both Carlson and Andrews were only 15 years old when they fell in love with each other and has known each other. The pair revealed the information on the occasion of Mother’s Day episode of Fox & Friends back in 2014.

During the interview, Carlson claimed that they have known each other for 30 years of time and still can’t get enough of each other.

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Carlson asked Andrew’s father Rev. George E. Andrews II for his approval of their relationship just six months before he graduated. Andrews II approved the couple’s relationship, and later in 1991, the couple got married.

In 2016, the couple marked 25th anniversary together crossing silver jubilee of their marriage. It’s been over twenty-seventeen years that the couple got married and is still living a blissful married life without any rumors of divorce or separation issues.

Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews’ Children

Carlson and Andrews are blessed with four children in total; three daughters and a son. The name of their daughters are; Dorothy Carlson, Lillie Carlson, and Hopie Carlson, and son; Buckley Carlson.

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Two of the pair’s daughters; Hopie Carlson and Little Carlson went to Wawenock Camp, and their father was already involved in the year 2004.

Want to know something new? Tucker won’t let his son, Buckley Carlson watch Oprah because he thinks the show is too anti-male and he felt like he did not want to bring his son up in the home where Oprah is constantly attacking men.

He said:

And remember, keep your boys away from Oprah, and it will make them feel bad about being male. It’s absolutely true. Keep your girls away from rap, keep your boys away from Oprah. And everybody will be fine.

The family of six lived at their farmhouse in Alexandria, Virginia in 2000 which they renovated later.

Ten Facts about Tucker Carlson

1. The full name of Tucker Carlson is Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson.
2. Tucker Carlson was born on May 16, 1969, and is currently 49 years old.
3. He joined CNN as its youngest anchor ever.
4. Fox News contributor hired Carlson in May 2009.
5. Tucker Carlson's net worth is around $16 million.
6. Tucker Carlson married wife Susan Andrews in 1991.
7. The couple is blessed with four children in total.
8. He was accused of rape.
9. Carlson met his wife, Susan Andrews when he was 15 years old.
10. Carlson won't let his son watch Oprah.