Fox News' Brian Kilmeade might retire soon to spend more time with his family and wife

Brian Kilmeade, the Fox News presenter is known for his humor, though most of the times he is on the news for his ignorance and stupidity.

Brian has lately been expressing his intentions of an early retirement. Brian has been having concerns regarding spending quality time with his family and wife and we might see him pack up from his job for a life of retirement as early as the upcoming year.

Brian has always been known to be a controversial figure in the news agency. Over the years, he has been subject to fierce criticisms for many of his remarks and comments made live on air. This may be one of the most important reasons for Brian to think about retiring early and leaving the industry without his reputation being thrashed any further.

Here are a few of his remarks that have caused a great deal of criticism and outrage directed towards him. The most notorious of his controversial statements might be, “Not all Muslims are terrorist, but all terrorist are Muslims”. This remark brought forth a huge hue and cry all over the world and he was heavily criticized by many prominent people and organizations. Many called an ignorant man.

This second comment that proved of Brian’s ignorance was when he was asked about his thoughts on the present UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon. He simply replied “I’ve eaten there before”. This remark of his went to a whole new level of stupidity and people and other networks began to question the Fox Network’s decision to hire political presenters like him on their shows.

Brian had to make a public apology for his remark. But even then it seemed as though he wasn’t exactly sure what he was apologizing for. Over the years, he has been subject to fierce indignation from his co –workers and fans for his audacious remarks. However, Brian still continues to work at the network with pride. Sources claim that the networks are rather favored toward him due to the high ratings he receives for his shows.

Brian works as a co-host of the early morning show Fox & Friends, which airs on the Fox network.  He, unlike his fellow presenters, has dedicated all of his time and focus on only the one show. Brian is also an author and specializes in American historical fiction, for which he has gained widespread acknowledgement.

Brian’s personal life hasn’t been through much turmoil as his professional life. He has been happily married to his college sweet heart for over twenty four years now. He married his wife Dawn Kilmeade in the year 93. He has three children from their many years of marriage, two daughters and a son.

Brian is just fifty one years of age, but has already set his eyes on an early retirement; something which is highly unlikely for television presenters who work well into their seventies. Brian is also known among his colleagues for his tall posture as his height is a looming 6ft 1 inches.