Fox anchor Jedediah Bila gives advice on dating and boyfriends

HitBerryPublished on   17 Sep, 2015Updated on   23 May, 2021

Jedediah Bila has been ranked one of the sexiest female news anchors there are today.  She is known for her long legs and distinctive features and her pretty face has managed to get her a huge and awesome fan following on the internet.

Jedediah is known to have come out of the blue and establish herself as a successful political news anchor. Jedediah, who has her foundation in creative writing, has now won thousands of hearts for her direct approach to political issues and intricate analysis of international policies.

Besides her political commentary, Bila is also known for her relationship and dating advice to young women over the internet and is one of the most sought after love guru’s in the east coast.

Some of her advice for young women is to live and experience as much as one can at an early age. She has added that one must “fend off any ideas of a serious committed relationship too early – one that you might end up regretting too soon”.

She has also said “The problem with most women in today’s world is that they are skeptical when it comes to dating as it occupies them wholly”.

To them, Bila has said, “In engaging in a relationship, one learns the value of time and figures out a way to handle it wisely.” Another point considered by many to be of utmost importance in Blia’s advice is with dating people. She has said that what you garner is experience as you learn about various people, cultures and lifestyle.

Bila has also said “Dating is a way of self discovery as you get to know yourself better and the person you are which will definitely help you in the long run. Especially about your limitations and the extent you can go to, what you can handle as a person and what you can’t.”

Above all, Bila says you end up making memories for a lifetime, which is worth it.

Apart from her relationship advices, Jedediah has become somewhat of a role model for many young girls all over the world and inspires women to achieve success the way she did. She has always said one should take a leap of faith and be determined and have strong will and perseverance. Most importantly, before wining in the world one needs to win from within.

Jedediah is a very popular figure on social networking platforms like Twitter with over 147K followers, who follow her feeds regularly for advice. She can be followed under the username @JededdiahBila. Jedediah is also an active user of Instagram and her profile name is Jedediahbila.

Jedediah is just 36 years of age and has expressed her wish to continue working late into her sixties. Jeddiah practices Christianity as her religion.