Four times Divorced Bond Girl Lana Wood was never in love with any of her husbands!! Loved a married man instead

August 27, 2015
First Published On: August 27, 2015
by HitBerry

Lana Wood might be a former Bond Girl. She might have a tag of 007 stuck on her ever since she starred on the James Bond movie ‘Diamonds are Forever’ as Plenty O’ Tooled alongside Sean Connery. But her love life seems have been stuck on the number 004. Number 004 represents the total numbers of men she married and divorced unceremoniously. Yes! The former hot bombshell and a younger sister of Academy award nominee Natalie Wood has been married four times and all her marriages ended up in divorce.

The actress, as she herself admitted three years ago, is currently single and not into men anymore. She is already 69 and she looks pretty happy living with her daughter and three grandchildren with whom she shares a house. So, let’s look back to the troublesome life of Lana wood, who not only suffered failed marriages but also painfully overcame a disappointing Hollywood movie career and death of his elder sister Natalie 34 years ago.

Failed marriages are not news in Hollywood, they happen every day. But Lana Wood, despite being unable to retain her marriage for the first time, decided to give it a shot one more time. After her marriage was annulled with Jack Wrather Jr. in 1962 she married Karl Brent in 1965. She was very young when she got married and immature as well, so Brent and Wood divorced in 1996. Again the actress took a brave step by marrying Steve Oliver in 1967. Her marriage with her spouse did not see the light of the day as they divorced the same year. Her last nuptial was held in 1973 with Richard Smedley. After the birth of their first child Evan, everybody thought that there was a hope for the newlywed couple. But again, they could not keep their relationship for too long. It also ended in divorce in 1975. This would be her longest kept marriage by far.

After years of struggling with her career and divorces, the actress laments all her decision and in an interview with MailOnline back in 2012 admitted that she won’t see any of her former husbands around her California home. She also won’t commit to anyone now.

Irony is that the actress herself is confused about the long list of her ex-husbands whether it was five marriages and two annulments or four weddings and one annulment.

‘One wasn’t really a marriage, but a nasty little thing,’ she told MailOnline.

‘I think I was only divorced once, and the rest were annulments. Or, maybe not! I can’t keep track actually, because it’s not that important. I just am who I am.’

Besides her many weddings, Wood as a rising star of Hollywood had a fling with her Diamonds are Forever co-star Sean Connery. Before Connery, she had an affair with Alain Delon and after that with Warren Beatty. Beatty allegedly had an affair with her deceased sister Natalie as well.

Despite all the relationship rumors, the former sex symbol admitted that she did fall in love just once in her life but not with any of her husbands or the men she has been linked with. The actress refused to name the man but revealed that he is a high profile person in show biz.

‘I was with him for four years and was madly in love with him. In fact, on our last day of filming together I told Sean Connery I couldn’t see him anymore, because I was going back to him. It was complicated. He was married. He kept saying he would leave his wife, but he never did. He’s still with her today.’

She painfully recalled how she always longed a feeling of belongingness and would marry people whom she never loved or who weren’t right for her thinking that they would someone turn out to be the one she could love. She admitted how she would run away from relationship before she could get hurt. This really explains the reason behind her flawed married lives. People tend to judge others so easily that they never take time to see the true reason behind their acts.  

The actress currently lives with her only daughter and grandchildren California with a net worth of $1million.