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Former 'The Grass Roots' band member Creed Bratton, age 72, thinking of going back to music

December 27, 2015
First published on:December 27, 2015
by HitBerry

Popularity of Rock and Roll music is on a rapid decline at the moment. The ripped jeans and long straight hair with ‘live for today’ attitude is no longer popular among the audience. At this troubled time for Rock and Roll, the legend of the genre, Creed Barton, who was a member of the iconic rock band ‘The Grass Roots’, has hinted that he is thinking of making a return.

Barton left The Grass Roots band in 1969. After he left the band, he pursued his solo career. The last of his album was released in 2011. The 72 year old, singer song writer has stated that he is ready to step back into music after a 3 year long break in a recent interview with our sources.

“Rock and Roll is something that I’ve always loved. Even since I was a child, I wanted to be a Rock and Roll star and I got to live my dream. I am very thankful for that”, the actor said to our reporters. “I have been out of the music scene for over 3 years now. That is a lot of time. But now, I’m working on a new project, I project that could, hopefully, once again resurrect people’s interest in Rock and Roll”, he added.

He also stated that he hopes to bring another popular Rock and Roll icon back from retirement through his next album. He has, however, not disclosed who the rock star is going to be.  

Barton has received tremendous success as a singer. His solo career as well as his career as a member of ‘The Grass Roots’ band were both equally successful. Eleven of the songs he released have reached US Top 100 charts.

Barton has had a keen interest in music from his childhood days. He got his first guitar at the age of 13 from his parents. He had already turned into a professional musician by his high school years.

Barton also has a successful acting career alongside his singing career. He began pursuing his acting career in 1979. He has appeared in movies like Mask and Heart like a Wheel. He also appeared in the famous NBC sit com ‘The Office’, playing a fictional version of himself. He has also played in movies like Ghastly Love of Johnny X and I am Ben.

The musician’s Twitter account is extremely popular among his fans. 27k of his fans from around the world follow him on Twitter. Barton, however, has not yet made an official account in the image sharing social network, Instagram.

His personal life is not well known to the media. Information about his wife and the date he got married is not known to the pubic.

Barton has gathered enormous success, both as a musician and an actor. It is natural that his success has helped him earn a lot of money. It is estimated that his net worth is in excess of $3 million dollars. 


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