Former Supermodel Kim Alexis, age 55, and husband Ron Duguay getting a divorce??

HitBerryPublished on   01 Feb, 2016Updated on   30 Apr, 2021

Are former supermodel Kim Alexis and husband Ron getting a divorce? Is the hot-headed romance heading to an abrupt end? Or is it just another silly rumor?


Today we are gonna take a closer look at this controversial gossip and find out if their marriage is really heading to the court or if it’s just another false rumor.

Kim Alexis Past Affairs

Kim Alexis, one of the most highly sought models of the early 80's, has already been divorced once with former husband Jim Stockton. As for the reason behind the downfall of their relationship, fingers were pointed at Kim's apparent erratic behavior and argumentative nature.

CAPTION: Jim Stockton and Kim Alexis SOURCE: Getty Images

The rumor mills are churning that Kim is again to blame for the current disintegration in her marriage with former NFL Player Ron Duguay.

However, the couple may just be having another small fight with Ron as none of our sources so far have confirmed any rumors regarding the impending divorce. In fact, they report that Kim herself was shocked to hear such rumors about herself. She has allegedly told our sources not to worry about their relationship.

Kim Alexis Children 

Kim is already a mom of 3 children including two kids with her former husband and one with her current husband. Their names are Jamie, Bobby, and Noah. She is a marathon runner and has taken part in many athletic events.

CAPTION: Kim Alexis and Ron Duguay's children SOURCE: Hitberry

Our sources have confirmed that she is quite happy with the current situation in her family and feels lucky to have a husband like Ron Duguay.

Kim and Ron Marital Relationship

Furthermore, her parents, who are very close to Kim, have also said that neither Kim nor Ron have ever fought to the point of divorce. And if they were indeed to break up, her parents would be the first to know about this matter.

CAPTION: Kim Alexis and Ron Duguay's children SOURCE: Hitberry

Kim Alexis was born on 15th July 1960 in the city of Lockport, New York. She is 5 feet 8 inches tall. She has appeared in the movie Holy Man with Eddie Murphy. She has also hosted a lot of health shows on channels such as Family Channel and Lifetime.

Ron Duguay Career 

Her husband Ron Duguay is a retired Canadian professional hockey player, who has been active for a lot of years as a player and coach in the NHL (National Hockey League). He has played the game for 12 seasons and is currently a pundit for New York Rangers.

Right now Kim is not doing any much in her life. But she has allegedly said that she would like to join the modeling business again as quickly as possible. Her current net worth is estimated to be about $1.6 million dollars.