Former rock band musician Gavin Rossdale had a secret gay affair at the age of 17!!

July 14, 2015
First Published On: July 14, 2015
by HitBerry

Hollywood is the most powerful film industry in the world. It is the place where people seek fame, but once they earn the popularity, it’s very difficult to maintain it. And it is not over after they get what they want. They might get the enormous popularity, earn millions of dollars and increase their net worth, but they have to pay a price for that as well. Nothing is free. Everything has a price. But how do they pay? They pay back with their nasty secrets. Yes, being a Hollywood celebrity is not that easy.

When to come to nasty secrets, who could forget, Gavin Rossdale? Many of us know Rossdale as the hot and handsome British singer, song writer and actor. He rose to prominence as the lead singer/songwriter for the British post-grunge rock band Bush. After the release of their first album, Sixteen stone, Rossdale’s band became commercially successful overnight. Despite being labeled as an inferior derivative of bands such as Nirvana and Pixies, and Rosdale’s forced, raspy voice being compared with Kurt Kobain, Bush's reached superstar status in the USA through their unique music and songs. But it failed to make any mark in the UK because of the preoccupation of Britpop. After much success and being named one of the best-selling rock groups of the nineties, the band unofficially split in 2002.

Following the spilt, Rossdale started a new career as a soloist and even tried his hand in acting. He married singer Gwen Stefani. He has three children with his wife. Despite living a life of a straight person, a darker revelation about his past shook their relationship twice. According to several media reports, the Sixteen Stone hit maker had a gay love affair with cross dressing British pop singer and songwriter Marilyn. The news made headlines years ago when Boy George wrote about Rossdale and Marilyn’s love affair in his memoir in 1995.

But Rossdale denied all the rumors while Marilyn - real name Peter Robinson - spoke out about it claiming Rossdale had been the love of his life.

But in an interview with U.S magazine Details in 2010, Rossdale finally confessed to his past fling. He admitted that he once had Marilyn as his gay lover at the age of 17. He also said that he did not admit to the affair because of the media ‘glare’ when Bush was at the height of its career in the U.S.

He might have confessed everything, but his ex-lover Marilyn was not very happy with the late revelation as he told InTouch, 'I find it sad that when I spoke out about what we had, I was labelled a tattletale - and now, Gavin is using it to promote himself'.

Marilyn who was famous for his long blond hair in 1980s too made a confession that he denied the relationship just for the sake of Rossdale’s career but later revealed that they had been together for almost 5 years back then.

After the interview and the series of confessions, Rossdale regretted it as he feared that his marriage with Stefani would end. He said that she was unsure about his affair with Marilyn and she might be heartbroken after knowing everything.

And it was not the first time that this Rock-n-Roll star had been surrounded by controversies. It was revealed in 2004 that Rossdale was the father of model Daisy Lowe. She was born after he had a brief affair with model and fashion designer Pearl Lowe. And the irony is that he was Daisy’s godfather and she grew up talking to him on phone but later stopped communicating after the DNA test proved him to be her biological father.

It was said that Gwen Stefani was utterly devastated at the revelation, but the couple managed to maintain their relationship and now they have a happy life with their three children.