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Former Police Drew Peterson convicted of murdering his third wife and suspected in fourth's disappearance, Peterson reportedly abusive and unfaithful to his partners

July 1, 2015
First published on:July 1, 2015
by HitBerry

Former Police Sergeant Drew Peterson has been at the center of public attention due to his marital history.

Peterson who has been married four times was convicted in the 2004 murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio and is also named a suspect in 2007 in the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson.

Recently, Bolingbrook officials voted to compel Drew Peterson to provide a deposition to determine whether he will be stripped off his $79,000 annual pension. The decision was made unanimously.  If Peterson used his police training to help in the murder of his wife, Kathleen Savio, the pension will be taken away. Officials have said that this could take a long time to process and Peterson might even deny to testify.

The former suburban Chicago police officer Peterson, who is currently serving his time at Menard Correctional Center in Chester, Illinois, gained publicity after his fourth wife, Stacy Ann Cales Peterson disappeared in 2007. Suspicions aroused, supported by the untimely death of Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio just a few years earlier. Stacy was never found and Peterson was not charged with anything in her case. However, after her disappearance, Kathleen’s body was exhumed and a second autopsy took place. The second autopsy showed evidence of struggle. The first autopsy had ruled Savio’s death as an accidental drowning, even though her body was found in an empty bath tub. Friends had testified for Peterson saying he was a good guy who would never hurt his wife. After the evidence of struggle was found, Peterson was indicted for the murder of his wife in 2009. Peterson was convicted in 2012 and was sentenced to 38 years in prison in February 4, 2013. In February 9, 2015, Illinois Attorney General announced that Peterson would be further charged with two felonies, solicitation of murder and solicitation of murder for hire for attempting to get Will County state attorney, James Glasgow murdered. Peterson’s earliest release is estimated to be in February, 2047, He will be 93 years of age then.

Peterson worked as a police officer since 1977. The 53 year old has been married four times. Peterson and his first wife, Carol Brown divorced in 1980, after 6 years of marriage. They have two sons together. He married his second wife, Victoria Connolly and they divorced 10 years later. They have one daughter together. Both his wife and daughter have hinted at abuse when they lived with Peterson. Just two months after his divorce with Victoria was finalized, Peterson married Savio. The couple finalized their divorce in 2003. Savio was found dead in a bathtub on March 1, 2004. Peterson was not charged for her murder immediately. In 2003, Peterson got married to Stacy and they have two children together. After she disappeared in 2007, Peterson claimed that she had called and told him that she had left him for another man. In a TV interview, Peterson said that Stacy is still out there, possibly “dancing somewhere.”  In 2008, Peterson got engaged to Christina Raines but she called it off soon after.

In 2011, a Lifetime Television movie started filming. It told the story of Stacy’s disappearance and savio’s death. Peterson filed a cease and desist against the production of the movie. However, it aired four times in 2012.  The movie has a rating of 6.1 on IMDB, the movie created some buzz on Twitter.