Former News Anchor Charles Gibson and wife Arlene Gibson, married for nearly 50 years, enjoying retirement

HitBerryPublished on   27 Sep, 2015Updated on   27 Sep, 2015

Charles and Arlene Gibson have been a couple for a long time. They have been married over fifty years and have both recently retired from their professional lives to enjoy a life of retirement at their home in Summit, New Jersey.

Charles and Arlene have two children out of their marriage. Both their children are daughters – Jessica and Katherine. Their first grandchild was through their elder daughter Jessica in the year 2006. Charles and Arlene have said that they are going to be spending most of their time in retirement with their grand children .Charles has been seen by many fans taking his grand kids for fishing, an occupation Charles loves and want his grand children to cultivate.

Charles is a living legend  among American for having one of the longest and most popular career as a Television broadcaster , News anchor and Journalist. He was also the longest serving host of the most popular News shows in America “Good Morning America”. He is also known for presenting the World News segment for ABC News for over fifteen years. He was a co-anchor for the show World News Tonight for fifty years.

Charles began his career through humble beginnings as a student news director at Princeton University. He also worked as a reporter for several local news agencies to make money as a student. In his long and outstanding career, he has had the opportunity to interview several prominent people. He was one of the first people in the world to interview the then recently instated U.S President Barrack Obama.

Charles not only has featured as a news presenter, but has been seen in a number of documentary movies too, his most successful one being, “The Fight Against pain.” His final broadcast on World News, in which he gave an emotional farewell speech, was the most viewed news episode in the history of American news broadcasting.

On the other hand, Arlene has remained an educator her whole life, devoting herself to educating children from all parts of life and helping the underprivileged secure some form of education. She has held positions as head of various schools in and around New York and New Jersey. She believes education to be the only secure way for children to have successful futures in the years to come.

Charles and Arlene have started numerous Scholarship programs in Charles’s Alma Mater Princeton University. They have also immersed themselves in various Philanthropist organizations to help the poor and needy. They are known for being part of many charitable organizations.

Charles doesn’t use any social net working sites like Twitter or Instagram. When asked as to why he isn’t catching up with the wave of social networking, he said “those are for today’s generation. “