Former NBC Morning show host David Gregory talks about forgiving NBC for firing him and regaining his faith

September 22, 2015
First published on:September 22, 2015
by HitBerry

David Gregory was the most popular host of NBC morning show and also the mediator in the most watched news show in America, Meet the Press until David was unceremoniously fired from NBC which led to widespread public humiliation for him.

Having worked for the corporation for over 20 years, David was cast aside and asked to leave his job which proved to be humiliating for him. After about three years, David has given his views on how he has forgiven NBC and his quest for faith, which he neglected for a long time.

On his take on his former job at NBC he has said “ I am very grateful for the experience I had at NBC.  I struggle with some of the things that happened. To be honest I am disappointed with them.  But what I understand is that NBC taught me some of the most important lessons in my life. NBC taught me what was truly important”.

When David was removed from NBC unexpectedly, there were certain rumors speculating that he was ousted by his chief rival Chuck Todd via office politics. Gregory was humbled by his sudden demise and took his firing as a gentleman. Tweeting about it he wrote, “I leave NBC as I came humbled and Grateful.”

David was one of the most popular person on NBC and his fan base worldwide was estimated by various statistical groups to be around 3 Million. Todd was the only person in all of America who was second to David and has been criticized by many journalist and anchors for doing dirty work in order to grab David’s position. Todd has denied all allegations and has said he had nothing to do with Davis’s sudden leave form the channel.

After David was ousted from NBC, he took a spiritual journey into the religion he was born into and practiced while growing up – Judaism. It was said by close friends and colleagues of David that the huge change in his life hasn’t affected David all that much and he has rather shifted his focus on his religion, which was something David always wanted to do having mentioned it time and again .

David spent most of his time following his leave from NBC, travelling to Israel, where he spent over a year or two learning about the culture and history of Jewish people and spending most of his time in synagogues and reading Hebrew scriptures.

On his return to the USA, David spent about a year writing a book based on his spiritual journey, one that he has said he always wanted to do. In late 2014, toward the end of the year, David published his book, which is titled “How is your Faith?: An Unlikely Spiritual Journey.

The book instantly became a New York bestseller and many book critics acknowledged its magnificent insights into faith.

David was nicknamed “Stretch “by his friend and former US president George .W. Bush for his towering height. He stands at 6ft5 inches tall. David’s wife is a former federal prosecutor Beth Wilkinson and he has three kids with her. David has just reached 45 years of age and has said he now wants to devote all his time to writing.

David is a very popular figure on Twitter with over 1.80Million followers he can be followed under the username @davidgregory.

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