Former NBC Host David Alan Grier, age 59, wants to get married again, looking for his third wife

HitBerryPublished on   08 Dec, 2015Updated on   27 May, 2021

If two of your marriages don’t work out, you might think there is something wrong with you. You might even consider taking some time off dating and marriage to focus on other important things in life. Well, you may do it, but former NBC host David Alan Grier certainly doesn’t want to remain unmarried. In his recent interviews he has stated that he is on the look-out for his third wife.

The Detroit born comedian has expressed his desire to give marriage a try for one last time in his latest interview.  Sources close to him have reported that he is aware that the failure of his former marriages won’t make him a very attractive marriage material, but he is serious about making his next marriage work. Reports also suggest that it would be his last marriage, even if it doesn’t work out.

The fear of spending his old age alone seems to have scared the 59 years old. Close friends of Grier have told our reporter  that Grier  is now ready to make compromises and do whatever is required to make his next marriage last longer than his previous ones. He regrets that he had to be divorced two times already, but accepts it as god’s will.

David separated from his former wife Christine Y. Kim on July of 2009. The irreconcilable differences that existed between the two were believed to be the main reason for their divorce. Before that, David was married to Maritza Rivera, with whom he parted way with in 1995. He is believed to have two children from his former marriages.

Even though David Alan Grier already has two divorces behind him, he is considered to be an excellent person by people close to him. He is extremely popular. His former wives have also publicly stated that David was never the cause of their divorce. His net worth is valued at over $5 million dollars. This makes him an excellent future husband prospect.

His fans expect the former NBC host not to repeat his earlier mistakes if he really does gets marriage .He is an experienced person when it comes to marriage and dating now, so he won’t be making the same mistakes he made in his earlier marriages. His fans want Grier to have a happy ending in this otherwise tragic love story of his.

David is one of the most respected African Americans in the entertainment industry.  He has made appearance in over 20 movies and countless other TV series. He is also famous for his stand up comedy acts. The actor was also nominated for ‘The Grammys’ in 2013.

His Twitter handle @davidalangrier has about 74k followers. He posts about the things he is passionate about like taekwondo, cooking and motorbikes in his Twitter account.