Former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins accused of having Plastic surgery

December 24, 2015
First Published On: December 24, 2015
by HitBerry

Miss Universe is a title awarded to the most beautiful woman in the universe. One would imagine that, of all the people, at least a Miss Universe would be satisfied with her appearance! But recent reports about the 2004 Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins’ plastic surgery has proved that even Miss Universes cannot be content with their appearance sometimes.

While Hawkins has repeatedly stated that she has never gone under the knife, the evidence begs to differ. Side by side comparisons of her former photos and current photos reveal that the TV personality’s face has undergone a massive change.

The most striking difference one observes when the model’s photos are compared is her nose. Her nose looks thinner and slimmer in her recent pictures. This confirms that the actress had a surgical procedure called ‘Rhinoplasty’ done to adjust her nose.

Hawkins lips also looks as if they were experiencing reverse ageing. Instead of looking thinner with growing age, her lips are getting fuller and plumber. Hawkins claims that this is because she is extremely conscious about her appearance and eats only healthy organic food. But are her claims of organic diet enough to justify the miraculous change that her body has undergone.

She also seems to have used Botox injection. The model has had some wrinkles in her face in her earlier photos. But all those have disappeared in her recent pictures. This can only be achieved through a Botox injection. There are also claims that the model had her breasts enhanced through surgical procedure. While there is not much difference in the model’s breast size, they seem to be much firmer in her new photos.

Hawkins was considered a natural beauty when she was crowned Miss Universe. She has height a of 5 feet 11 inches. Her weight is also proportionate to her height. But, her plastic surgery has diminished her appeal. She doesn’t look as effortlessly beautiful as she looked a few years back. This has caused her to be extremely displeased and resort to excessive use of plastic surgery.

Hawkins rose into fame after she won Miss Australia in 2004. She also won the title of Miss Universe the same year in an event held on Ecuador. After she won the title, she signed a contract with Australian broadcaster ‘Seven Network’. She has hosted ‘Australia’s Next Top Model.’ She was also a judge for Miss Universe in 2008.

Jennifer Hawkins is extremely popular in social networking websites. Her Instagram has over 693k followers. Her fans can regularly see photos of her sexy feet and hot body through her Instagram.  Her Twitter handle and Facebook page are also extremely popular.

It is estimated that the model’s net worth is approximately $13 million.