Former Hollywood Beauty Faye Dunaway has overdone plastic surgery, looks horrible

August 6, 2015
First Published On: August 6, 2015
by HitBerry

There comes a time when you simply cannot do anything about your looks and no cosmetic procedure or plastic surgeries can help you revive your once glamorous beauty. As they say, nothing can really overcome or stop time. Ask Hollywood legend Faye Dunaway and she’ll rightfully agree.

The actress, who achieved great stardom during her time, certainly wanted more of the limelight. Now at the age of 74, she looks away from all the glamour of the business. It’s nobody’s fault that wrinkles made their way into the beautiful face of Dunaway, once admired for her role in Bonnie and Clyde. Portraying the role of Warren Beatty's wife, the actress gave men a fine run for their money and was considered one of the most beautiful actress’ of her generation.

She was last spotted in London, at a party which was thrown by Prince Azim of Brunei. (Yes! Let’s not go into that). Well, from the pictures of the function, she definitely did not look fine. She looked a lot older than her age and it definitely was due to the infamous plastic surgery the actress opted back in 2008.

She has been a victim of a disastrous plastic surgery and this took away a lot of beauty from her face. Never a fan of ageing, the legend looks stubborn as hell as she tries to avoid the dreaded fate of ageing. Her friend themselves have advised her not to go under the knife again but it looks like Faye has turned a deaf ear to their pleas. Now, the actress looks short of any grace that once made her one of the hottest asset in the industry, and although there is nothing wrong with ageing, a bad plastic surgery definitely took many years off her face.

“Faye’s almost unrecognizable!” one of her friends said. Referring to her Botox makeover and the disastrous lip-tuck that exposed her teeth, insiders report that one friend even begged her to stop surgery,

‘There’s nothing left to lift! But Faye won’t listen”.

A respected artist, even now, Dunaway has grown old. She has been married a couple of times. Her first marriage was to Jerry Schatzberg, the director of Puzzle of a Downfall Child, a film Dunaway starring herself. She also had a two-year relationship with her A Place for Lovers co-star Marcello Mastroianni before she married Peter Wolf back in 1974. Wolf is the lead singer of the rock group The J. Geils Band and was also a very popular figure of the 90’s. The two however divorced in 1979. She was then married to British photographer Terry O'Neill and they have a child together, who goes by the name Liam. Liam has also been a part of huge gossip after it was revealed that he was adopted. Although Dunaway had claimed that Liam was not adopted, Terry’s declaration back in 2003 confirmed that Liam was indeed not the couple’s biological son.

Not into social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram, the former Golden Globe award winner has definitely achieved tremendous success during her time. Yet, her infamous surgery will always be a dark spot on her records.