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Former Footballer, David Pollack, who quit after a career ending injury, and wife, Lindsey might be getting divorced

September 17, 2015
First published on:September 17, 2015
by HitBerry

Former Footballer David Pollack and his wife Lindsey Pollack has never been a kind of a people who would go on publicizing their dirty laundry for all to see. The couple, though popular, are quite reserved and rarely talk about their private issues publicly.

The couple might try to hide behind the four walls of their houses, but we, the media, are always there to dig out the entrails of their hidden nasty secret. Moreover, sources are always a great help for us.

Rumor has it that the retired American college and professional football linebacker and his writer wife Lindsey are getting a divorce. A source has claimed that the athlete, who quit from the football after a career ending injury, and his other half’s relationship is on the verge of collapse.

The source informed that couple’s marriage is on the rocks and the parents of two may be filing for a divorce very soon. The insider also added that the former football player and his wife, who is a writer of the best-selling non-fiction, Becoming the Boss: New Rules for the Next Generation of Leaders, have been having problems in their relationship from a very long time.

Pollack was on his way to the path of success when he lost his career in the football field thanks to an injury. Lindsey is a famous writer and her book is working magically among the readers. It is their differences that brought them together before. But now, that very thing is dragging them to the end of their marriage.

According to the informant, the couple had a heated argument only a few days ago. The once happily married pair has come to such a stage that there is no turning back for them. And the source added: “They fight and argue mostly about money and children.”

The athlete only has a net worth of around $500,000 and as his career went downhill within a brief time after the injury, Pollack could not cash millions like all the other football players. He played two seasons in the National Football League (NFL) but suffered career ending injury in the second game of his second season.

Pollack suffered a broken sixth cervical vertebrae. Though he didn’t suffer paralysis, the footballer, aged 31 was taken out of the field by a medical team. He later underwent surgery where the doctors fused two vertebrae. The injury and surgery ended with him in a halo brace which he had to wear for almost three months. After his recovery, Pollack tried his best to stay in form and make his comeback to the field, but he could not. He finally bid farewell to his professional career in 2008.

After his retirement, Pollack started his brand new career as a sports talk host on Atlanta's 790 The Zone. He is also a college football analyst for ESPNU.

While his wife is getting huge lump of cash as royalties for her books, Pollack is still struggling. He was supposed to be doing magic in field but there he is, commentating in football matches and giving away his advices in sports talk show.

As per the source, the athlete feels burdened and useless as his wife was the one who took care of him in his hard times. She was/is the one who raised his two kids: Leah and Nicholas. But Pollack, who feels indebted to his wife, does not want to live with her under the same roof due to the very same reason. He wants to end their ties and live separately. He wants to unburden him from his wife and his family.

The informant said: “He seems very depressed and he would go to any length to get a divorce from Lindsey.”

So if they are indeed having issues then we hope the best for both of them.

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