Former ESPN Commentator Bill Simmons and Kari Simmons been married for 16 years, Bill and his wife have two children together

Bill Simmons might not be back on TV soon, but he is back doing “Sports things.” He recently posted a picture on Instagram. It was a screengab of basketball player DeMarcus Cousins best trade scenario. Simmons posted the picture with the caption “Let’s do this!”

 Looks like Simmons thinks Cousins should join the Boston Celtics. Simmons had maintained a low profile on social media after his departure from ESPN in May of 2015. However, as the rumors sparked of Cousins leaving the Sacramento Kings, Simmons took upon social media to share his thoughts regarding the swap. Just a few days before the post on Instagram, he expressed his disapproval through twitter. In a series of tweets, he wrote:

“I hate the thought of Boogie on the Lakers, but it would be fun having him live at my house. Should my kids call him Boogie or Uncle Boogie?” He wrote, “Top-2 things Vivek can do to make Kings fans loathe him: 1) trade Boogie to the Lakers; 2) claim that he fixed Game 6 of 2002 WCF Finals.”

Since ESPN President John Skipper announced Simmons departure from ESPN on May 15, 2015, fans have missed him. Simmons’ good hearted humor and want him back on TV as soon as possible. While some of them said they hadn’t missed him so much till the NBA draft of this season, others noticed his absence as soon as he was gone. Anyhow, it looks like there is some good news for the fans after all.

There have been a few rumors about Bill returning to TV soon. According to earlier reports, Simmons is set to sign a deal with everyone’s favorite cable network, HBO sometime soon. Simmons is yet to confirm this and while HBO hasn’t released a statement either, rumors have it that they are hoping Simmons does sign the contract. This contract would give Simmons his own TV show and an online column. He has been talking about sports for as long as we can remember, and fans certainly hope he signs the deal.

Bill, who was born William J. Simmons was formerly a writer for ESPN magazine and ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’. He runs a website, This name has led to his nickname “Sports Guy”. This website also helped him earn his job at ESPN.

The former chief of has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

On personal front, Simmons married his wife Kari Crichton in 1999, and the couple has been married for 16 years. They have two children together, 10 year old Josephine “Zoe” Simmons and 8 year old Benjamin Oakley “Ben” Simmons. They currently live in Los Angeles, California.  Kari sometimes writes short articles as “sports gal” on Simmons page two column. In the articles, she rants about celebrity divorces and reality TV show The Bachelor