Former Desperate Housewives star Andrea Bowen says any potential boyfriend must get along with her family?

HitBerryPublished on   04 Jan, 2016Updated on   21 May, 2021

Former Desperate Housewives star Andrea Bowen is currently single and she has not been seen with any man recently. But that does not mean that she is not willing to date.

This beautiful actress, aged 25, is very much eager to begin the next chapter of her love life. She is ready to begin a relationship with a suitable guy. But she has conditions. And what is that? Her potential boyfriend must get along with her family.

Yes people! This talented young lady wants a man, who would not only love and understand her, but respect her parents and get along with her family as well. A source close to Bowen gave us all the inside scoop about the actress and her desire to hook up with someone who could just as easily blend in with her family. 

The insider reported that the actress was single and ready to mingle. But she had not yet found her Mr. Right yet.

“Andrea has been single for quite a long time already and she wants a boyfriend. She has been dating a few men lately, but nothing seems promising. She has been going out with young men her age, but she has not found the right person,” revealed the source.

The informant further added: “She has always wanted to have a boyfriend who would not only love her and understand her, but also get along with her family. She wants to be with a guy who values family life.”

According to the gossip monger, Bowen values her family the most and she would like to be with someone who shares the same idea.

“Andrea is quite devoted towards her family. She loves her parents and siblings. And though she lives separately, she and her whole family gather at the main house once a week. They have dinner together and spend the whole day talking about their work and life. Andrea simply loves this and that is the reason why she won’t accept men who don’t give a sh*t about family,” stated the informant.

The source further mentioned that Bowen has been searching for her perfect soul mate for quite a long time. But she has not found one yet. 

“She has been trying her best to know the guys during dates as much as she can. She even introduces each one of them to her family. But nobody has been able to have that natural connection with her family. So, she is still searching and hopes to find ‘him’ soon. She has not lost hope though,” said the source.

As per the source, Bowen is determined to find this ideal boyfriend as soon as possible. “She can’t wait to start a relationship. She is pretty excited about it and she even hopes to get married in a few years. But only if the relationship works out,” revealed the anonymous source. 

It looks like this SAG Awards winning actress is quite ‘desperate’ to begin a relationship, won’t you say?