Former Boxing star Lamon Brewster, age 42, regrets getting a divorce from ex-wife Tichina Arnold??

HitBerryPublished on   12 Feb, 2016Updated on   10 May, 2021

We all remember the divorce story of former boxing star Lamon Brewster and his hot actress wife Tichina Arnold, don’t we?

Well, guess what? According to recent reports, Lamon now deeply regrets divorcing his ex-wife and, if rumors are to be believed, he might even want to get back together with her, if she is interested.

In an interaction with one of our sources, he allegedly gave hints as to how much he misses Tichina. He allegedly thinks that the decision of splitting with her was the biggest mistake of his life.

The source also reveal that the pair were young and could not give enough time to each other. Tichina also had multiple relationships prior their marriage. Amidst all the confusion and heartbreak, the divorce took place. And now, Lamon allegedly believes that had they given enough prior to the decision, the story might have been different.

He has not formally been in any long and serious relationship since the two got divorced. While we are quite familiar with his on and off dating life and random girlfriends, we know nothing of him having any serious kind of relationship ever since.

With this, it is rather easy to infer that he might still be in love with his ex-wife. But given the information we have received through our sources, we are hundred percent sure that Lamon regrets his decision of getting divorced from his ex-wife Tichina Arnold.

Now, all we can do is wait and watch if he approaches Tichina and if they ever get back together. Does she want the same thing too? Or is she already involved in a serious affairs with someone else? It is worth waiting for to find out.

Tichina has also gotten involved in a few affairs after getting divorced from Lamon. But, none of those affairs could last long. Is this because both of them are made for each other? Or are both of them just too immature to hold on to the same person for a long period of time? We will surely know about this in time.

Boxer Lamon Brewster and actress Tichina Arnold got married in 1992 and then later got divorced in 1995. After 20 long years, Lamon has revealed that he regrets the divorce.

Lamon is the father to four children altogether. Three from his wife and one form a former relationship of his.

Lamon Brewster is a former American professional boxer holding the title of WBO world heavyweight. He is widely known by his nick name Relentless and for scoring an upset knockout victory in 2004 over Wladimir Klitschko.

Even at the age of 42, he is still well recognized by single ladies. He stands tall with the height of 6ft 2in. He has a record of winning 35 out of 41 fights. In one of his fights, he even injured his left eye.

The boxer is said to have a net worth of $2 million dollars.