Age 35 Former American Footballer Jay Cutler's Contracts and Salary; Has a Good Net Worth

June 5, 2018
First Published On: June 5, 2018
by Jacob Brown

A former American football quarterback Jay Cutler has played 12 seasons in the National Football League. From his playing career, Cutler has earned an astonishing amount of money and has accumulated the total net worth of $50 million. 


Cutler has been married to an American television personality Kristin Cavallari who has the net worth of $3.5 million. Here, today we will discuss in details about the professional life, net worth, contracts, and salary of Cutler. So to know everything, keep scrolling. 

Jay Cutler's Net Worth and Contracts

Currently, the former American quarterback Jay Cutler has the estimated net worth of $50 million. After completing his college career, Cutler signed a contract with Denver Broncos in 2006. Including base salary of $275,000 and bonus, Cutler was paid a total salary of $1,280,000. 

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In 2007, Cutler's total salary was $1,580,000 including option bonus and $360,000 base salary. Likewise, his salary in 2008 was increased and was paid a total of $3,160,000 with Option and Workout bonus and a base salary of $647,500. Similarly, his salary in 2009 was $4,730,000.

Jay Cutler's Contract with Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins

In March 2009, Cutler signed a five-year contract with Chicago Bears for $50,370,000. The contract included a base salary of $10,030,000 with signing bonus $1,400,000 and workout bonus $100,000. Likewise, Cutler's base salary in 2010 was $7,000,000 including $1,400,000 signing bonus and $500,000 workout bonus. 

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CAPTION: Jay Cutler and his wife Kristin Cavallari SOURCE: Instagram

Bears paid Cutler the salary of $7,600,000 along with $1,400,000 signing bonus and $500,000 workout bonus. Cutler continuously played the regular 2012 season with Chicago Bears. The following year, he was paid the base salary of $7,700,000 which included a signing bonus of $1,400,000 and a workout bonus of $500,000. 

Furthermore, Cutler's total salary in 2013 was $8,470,000 along with $1,400,000 signing bonus and $500,000 workout bonus. In March 2014, Cutler signed a new seven-year contract with Bears for $126,700,000 which included base salary of $17,500,000 and restructional bonus $1,000,000. 

CAPTION: Jay Cutler playing for Miami Dolphins SOURCE: The Daily Dolphin

Cutler played the regular season with Bears until 2016. Well, Bears paid Cutler the salary of $15,500,000 in 2015 which included $1,000,000 bonus. Likewise, his salary in 2016 was $16,000,000 with bonus $1,000,000. 

In March 2017, Cutler signed a one year contract with Miami Dolphins for $10,000,000. The contract included $5,000,000 base salary and roster bonus of $5,000,000. 

Jay Cutler and his wife Kristin Cavallari kept their mansion on sale

Back in 2017, Cutler and his wife Cavallari kept their Lake Forest, Ill., mansion on sale for $4.75 million. The mansion featured 7-bedroom and 10-bathroom located in 11,000-square-foot. The couple had bought the mansion for $4.25 million in 2014. 

CAPTION: Jay Cutler's mansion SOURCE: Us today

Ten Facts about Jay Cutler

1. Jay Cutler was born on 29th April 1983
2. Jay Cutler's parents are Jack Cutler and Sandy Cutler.
3. Cutler has a sister named Jenna Cutler. 
4. Cutler started three years at quarterback for the Patriots football team.
5. Cutler played college football at Vanderbilt.
6. Denver Broncos drafted Cutler in the first round of the 2006 NFL Draft.
7. As a youth, Cutler was the fan of Chicago Bears. 
8. Cutler tied the knot with Kristin Cavallari in 2013.
9. Cutler has three children Camden Jack Cutler, Saylor James Cutler, and Jaxon Wyatt Cutler.
10. Cutler began a nonprofit company named Jay Cutler Foundation in 2007.