Football legend Jack Ham and wife, Joanne getting a divorce??

March 16, 2016
First Published On: March 16, 2016
by HitBerry

American Football legend Jack Ham and his wife Joanne are rumored to be having trouble in their marriage. It has been suggested that the couple who live in Jack’s home state, Pennsylvania might be looking to part ways.

The rumor going around is that it may be because the couples have no children. Jack has been known to have wanted his own children earlier on in the marriage. That may just be the ground reason as to why he and his wife supposedly are facing tough times in their marriage.

Jack and his wife Joanne have been married for a long time now and they have never faced any severe problem in their strong relationship. Some have suggested that this might just be a phase in their old age and might pass away like the wind. However it has still managed to have a severe effect on the lives of Jack and Joanne.

Jack as a professional played his entire career from his state team Pittsburgh Steelers. Till date he remains to be one of the few players in NFL history who have managed to spend their entire career in their home team.

He is also highly regarded as one of the greatest outside linebackers in the sports history. He was known as being one of the most intelligent players and many have said “you couldn’t ever fool him”. He was nicknamed “Polish” and “Slovak” due to his ethnic heritage. However his most widely used nickname happens to be “good ham.” The name was also used for his official fan club back in the 70’s.

Jack has one of the most impressive career highlights as a linebacker player. He has played in a total of 8 pro bowl and was also selected in the all-time team. He is a seven time super bowl champion and holds multiple records. He has also time and again been included in the greatest football players of all time.

He has also been inducted into the pro football hall of fame. His jersey number #59 is no longer issued by the team in his honor. Today he is working as a sports analyst for the Penn State Radio Network and also is seen sometimes as an analyst for the Westwood One radio network.

Jack was known for his traditional U-turn on the pitch and was also known as a stiller smashing player. He has also been ranked 47 by the The Sporting News survey of the 100 hundred greatest football players of all time.

Jack’s net worth remains undisclosed. However, currently his major source of income is through his partly owned hockey team “Johnstown Tomahawks". Although he holds a very small hold in the team he hopes he can further that as he has a special interest toward the team.