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Flip or Flop Stars Christina and Tarek El Moussa, Husband and Wife in Real Life Reveal Their Story

July 4, 2018
First published on:August 5, 2016
by John

Have you come across such series where real life couples – with actual jobs in related fields, run a show? There might be – but just a few. Among all, Flip or Flop, which airs on HGTV, is one of kind where real estate agents (who also are real life couples) buy and sell properties showing all the inconstancies during the whole process. The show stars the beautiful couple – Tarak and Christina El Moussa. The couple has resulted in flying colors – the couple makes more than  $100,000 with just one episode!


I watched all of the seasons to flip or flop in less than 2 weeks...

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Christina and Tarek El Moussa’s relationship

Christina, 33, was born and raised in California. She entered the real estate industry immediately after she completed her college degree. 35-year-old Tarak entered the real estate industry when he was just 21. The couple met during their work at the real estate business. The 2008 global crisis also affected the lives of El Moussa just as any other agents. They had to give up on their home and were bond to live in a $700/month apartment. Tarek took the special occasion of Mother’s Day in May 9 to appreciate and thank his wife for her support throughout their journey.

The couple got married in 7 years ago in 2009 and have two children, a daughter named Taylor Reese and a son named Brayden.


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The El Moussa Group 

After the 2008 crisis, the couple mostly started to flip homes in California. In 2011, Tarek asked for a favor with a friend to create an audition tape for HGTV.  An entire episode of the house flipping process was recorded and sent to HGTV. Finally, in 2012, the couple were signed by HGTV and named it as “Flip or Flop”. Christina especially looks after the interiors of the house and helps Tarek in renovations.

At present, the couple has their own real estate agency called “The El Moussa Group” in California itself. They started their business with a partner named Pete De Best. The team managed to sell a house they bought for a profit of almost $34,000. They have been doing exceptionally well in their business.


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Tarek El Moussa’s cancer and Christina's Miscarriage

A regular show viewer, who turns out to be a nurse, spotted a lump at Tarek’s neck while she was watching an episode of the show. She contacted the team and found that Tarek had already examined the lump but there was no issue back then. In 2013, when the lump was re-examined, doctors declared that Tarek has a stage-2 thyroid cancer. Tarek then had his thyroid and lymph nodes removed and he also had to go through radiation.

The couple had many more dreams ahead but all in vain. In an attempt to increase their family size, the couple even attempted IVF, which is a process of fertilization by freezing the egg and sperm and the manually transferring it to the uterus. But it sadly resulted in an unfortunate miscarriage. Christina expressed her grief regarding the matter neither where she mentioned that she could neither walk nor could she lift anything.


All new #fliporflop on tonight at 9 pm!! "Cat Nip Flip” this flip in La Palma is one of my favorite transformations EVER! @hgtv

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The couple has made promises to always to put family first.They have had a rough patch in their lives but we hope everything goes as well as expected. More strength and love to the couple.

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