Flashback: Former Model Kara Young, now married to billionaire Peter Georgiopoulos, once dated Donald Trump

October 4, 2015
First Published On: October 4, 2015
by HitBerry

When it comes to former model Kara Young, one cannot forget her infamous relation with Mr. Trump whom she dated back in late 1990s or 2001. The 40 year old hot bombshell, who is currently married to billionaire Peter Georgiopoulos, the founder of the General Maritime Corporation, once rocked the whole States with her alleged affair with the Republican Presidential candidate for 2016, Donald Trump while still in a relationship with gossip columnist A.J. Benza. We have brought you every minute detail of Young and Trump’s fling. So let’s get started.

Donald Trump has always been infamously famous for his trash talk and colorful dating history. Young, like her former boyfriend, also has a long list of ex-lovers. Though the American fashion model, actress, and entrepreneur dated countless men in her life time, none of her relationship turned out as nasty as it did with Trump.

Young married Sante D'Orazio in 1994 when she was quite young (no pun intended). But unfortunately, the couple divorced in 1998. She then dated gossip columnist A.J. Benza. But, it was later known to the media and public that she was not just dating Benza, but also Mr. Trump. This revelation brought a storm of criticism against Young.

The so-called love triangle was so well publicized that the two men; Trump and Benza brought this matter to the Howard Stern Show on May 10 in 2001. The trio argued about their flings and whom Young was actually dating: Benza or Trump. It was discussed then that Young allegedly left Benza just to be with the (then) multi-millionaire real estate developer, television personality and business author Donald Trump.

Those of you who love Howard Stern might easily remember the epic on-air battle between Trump and former E! Channel host A.J. Benza. They openly fought for Young, who they both claimed to be their girlfriend. Benza, a young and decent TV anchor accused the bossy and arrogant Trump of stealing away his girl in the mid-90s while Trump denied all the allegations. The feud, fueled by Young’s immaturity and infidelity, led the two men to be hateful enemies.

When things seemed to be slipping out of hand, the producer of the Howard Stern Show contacted Young and asked her to clear out to matter. But the former model favored her support to Trump. Poor Benza!!

When the matter was over, these two men didn’t stop themselves from accusing and name calling each other. Trump accused Benza of having a hair transplant, while Benza fired back with an equally absurd accusation that Trump used "plugs."

Now the controversial matter has been settled and all of them have long forgotten everything that happened back then. Now Kara Young is married Georgiopoulos, who has a net worth of billions of dollars, and cashing out her husband’s hard earned money. The couple lives with their two children Nick and Dino in New York City. She is an executive member of the Board of Directors for Action Against Hunger.