Five things that Aaron Kaufman is doing after leaving Fast N Loud

HitBerryPublished on   13 Nov, 2017Updated on   29 Apr, 2021

An American reality TV personality, Aaron Kaufman is best known as a member of Gas Monkey Garage team. Aaron is also known for being the record holder in The Cannonball Run. He is a self-taught mechanic who grew up by taking things apart and putting them back.

After departing from Fast N Loud, what Aeron Coufman has planned to do? Any guesses? Well if you really wanna know what the tweaking and tightening the car parts, making them bigger, faster and of course louder the master mechanic, Aaron Kaufman is doing then just stay with us.

Five things what Aaron Kaufman is doing after leaving Fast N Loud

Aaron Kaufman was born on 26 Jan 1982 in Texas and completed his high school from his native town Crowley, Texas. His strong passion towards cars leads him to achieve success in his career. He was also named as the President of Toronto chapter of International Special Events Society.

Aaron Kaufman's Interest in a Solo Career

The reason for his departure from his show was his interest in a solo career, the pressure of developing a decent machine in a very limited time and of course the low ranking of the show. The rumor has it that Aaron Kaufman is more interested in the solo career which inspired him to quit Gas Monkey as well as Discovery's reality show.

Aaron Kaufman Aaron Kaufman, Source: Puzzups

Aaron is widely known as a perfectionist, and he stated in the show several times that his work makes him really busy, and he cannot deliver the final projects in each couple of weeks the way he imagined them.

Aaron Kaufman- Planning Something New

When Aaron left Fast N loud show, he does have a plan for a new one. Fast N Loud returns this fall with some great builds and surprises and as for Aaron. He has just launched an incredible fabrication shop, “Arclight Fabrication”. The Bearded Wonder Aaron will be making parts, selling merchandise and will be holding events dedicated to the 1957-1979 Ford modes.

Aaron Kaufman Aaron Kaufman, Source: The Celebs Closet

Aaron Kaufman-  Taught many inspirational things

Aaron has taught many inspirational things to the young people through his dedication and passion through his work. His complete seamless restorations and unreachable speed with cars have made many young lads get attracted to him.

Youtube: Aaron Kaufman's New Show | What is he doing after leaving "Fast N' Loud"

However, the wait is over as to whether or not he would be returning to TV and the news is what everyone hoped. Aaron will be back with the new show "Shifting Gears".

Aaron Kaufman- Exited on Aaron's return to TV

Aaron explained that the probable new program will focus strictly on having fun with cars. Richards Rawlings, the owner of Gas Monkey Garage, is exited on Aaron's return to TV. The show will revolve around the works being done in Aaron's company, Arclight Fabrications. The show, "Shifting Gears" is expected to premiere in early 2018.

Aaron Kaufman Aaron Kaufman, Source: Pinterest

Aaron Kaufman- Self-taught mechanic

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The self-taught mechanic, Aaron with his high aptitude for mechanics and passion for cars, led him to the hot rod world. He has an estimated net worth of 3 million dollars.

So these are the five things about what Aaron Kaufman. We hope you enjoyed reading this.