Five Things You Didn't Know about Natasha Negocanlis

A Canadian actress, singer, writer, Natasha Negovanlis is best known for playing the title role in the web series Carmilla. Natasha stars in a broody lesbian supernatural web series called Carmilla has racked up almost 19 million views on Youtube and has a huge following among queer women.

She also made her big screen debut and off-beat indie movie. There are lots of things to know about Natasha. If you are really interested to know more about Natasha's personal, professional life than just be with us. Natasha's fans might know everything about her but there's still some more to know about her. And if you are new in the list of Natasha's fan. Then we are about to reveal five things which you didn't know about Natasha Negovanlis.

Five Things You Didn't Know about Natasha Negocanlis

Natasha was born on 1990, April 3 in Toronto, Canada. Before being a professional actor, she was cast in her first professional musical in 2011. She was also cast as the title role in the Canadian web series Camilla. She won a Canadian Screen Award, voted on by fans for her work on Camilla.

Natasha Negovanlis Wins Canadian Screen Award

Natasha wins fans choice award at the Canadian screen award. In a delightfully sweet event, the immense Carmilla's fans raised Natasha Negovanlis a frenzied online campaign to score the pansexual actress a Canadian Screen Award.

Natasha Negovanlis Natasha Negovanlis, Source: Playback

Natasha Negovanlis and her Boyfriend

The gorgeous and beautiful Natasha Negovanlis has millions of fans. And those millions of fans wanna know if she has a boyfriend or not. Well talking about her relationship status then she actually has never made any headlines for her dating life and hasn't been publically spotted with any. She's also not been linked with anyone.

Instagram: Natasha Negovanlis

We just hope that she'll soon find her true mate till then finger's cross.

Is Natasha Negovanlis Gay?

After Natasha played Carmilla, she's often rumored to be lesbian, however those were3 shallow ground for speculation. And she hasn't confirmed anything about her.

Instagram: Natasha Negovanlis

Natasha's none involvement in any type of relationship has made curious to her fans to know more about her dating relationship. And the question- Is Natasha Gay? may ruin her building careers.

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Natasha Negovanlis's Tatto

Natasha Negovanlis is mostly an unknown name in the traditional world of film and TV, but online she is beloved by a world fan base of gay and queer millennials that watch her in three-to-seven-minute increments, adoringly.

And recently she announced that she has a large tattoo on her side of a chored to a body. She shared this news via Twitter.

Twitter: Natasha Negovanlis

Natasha Negovanlis say Carmilla walls came down a little bit

Natasha said that Carmilla's wall has definitely come down a little bit. There's a little bit of darkness that has been lifted.

Youtube: Carmilla | Elise & Natasha | Are you a Carmilla or a Laura?

 Elise has been with Laura for so long now and a side that a little more vulnerable and also she's just thrilled to be able to have a normal human life with Lura. So there's a little darkness that has been lifted off of her.

So these were five things you might not know about Natasha Nagovanlis. We just hope that you enjoyed reading this.