Five Most Expensive Whiskey In The World

November 15, 2017
First Published On: November 15, 2017

A good Whiskey is always stronger than fear. From a very ancient time, humans have loved whiskey and whiskey are strictly regulated spirit worldwide with many classes and types.

So, if you are interested in knowing about top five most expensive whiskeys that are available today, then we have prepared a list that you should know. Just stick with us:

Five Most Expensive Whiskey In The World

The word whiskey is an anglicisation of the Classic Gaelic word uisce which means water. Whiskies do not mature in the bottle, only in the cask, so that the age of a whiskey is only the time between distillation and bottling and this reflects how much the cask has interacted with the whiskey, changing its chemical taste and makeup.

Isabella's Islay

Value of Isabella’s Islay is all hidden in its bottle that comprises 8,500 diamonds with 300 rubies and wonderful white gold. As much as the whiskey goes, it is among the best that can be bought, aside of decanter. And if you just put water in the bottle, its value will still worth 6 million.

Isabella's Islay Isabella's Islay, Source: Twitter

The Macallan M.

One of the most rulers of expensive old whiskeys, The Macallan M. is very rare and highly valuable. In Hong-kong, the whiskey was sold for 628,205 dollars in an actual. The vintages utilized vary from 25 to more than 75 years older, each aged in Spanish oak.

The Macallan M. The Macallan M., Source:

Though the glass that holds The Macallan M is made up of crystal, it was handcrafted and was designed and created by a fraction of 17 specialist crafters.

The Macallan 64 in Lalique Cire Perdue

In the list of top 5 most expensive whiskey, the Macallan 64 Lalique Cire Perdue ranks as the third. The Macallan 64 in Lalique Cire Perdue was previously seen in 2010 at an auction when it was sold at $464,000.

The Macallan 64 in Lalique Cire Perdue The Macallan 64 in Lalique Cire Perdue, Source: Robb

The price of a single bottle of this whiskey is 464,000 dollars. The drink consists of 3 dissimilar whiskeys from oak barrels of Spain from1946, 1945, and1942.

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Dalmore 62

Dalmore 62 makes forth number on the list. This whiskey is over a century old. Talking about its history- The mold of wood utilized to make its vessel took more than 100 hours to craft and crystal and a platinum flask that contains Dalmore 62 is a fraction of the reason of its costing quarter million. One of the rarest whiskey in the world, Dalmore 62's price is 250,000 dollar.

Dalmore 62 Dalmore 62, Source: Scotch Addict

Dalmore 64 Trinitas

Dalmore 64 Trinitas is a combination of some distillery's extra special and exceptional vintages. Dalmore 64 Trinitas is regarded as one of the most expensive whiskeys in the world because not a lot is left of this whiskey as it is over a century old.

Dalmore 64 Trinitas Dalmore 64 Trinitas, Source:

As there are only three of its kind left, Only 1 is accessible for straight sale. The Dalmore 64 Trinitas bottle can ultimately turn up at an auction for above their purchase cost. With a bottle costing $160,000, the whiskey is in the 5th place on the list.

So these were five most expensive whiskey in the world. We just hope you enjoyed reading this.