Five facts you need to know about Tessa Virtue

February 28, 2018
First Published On: February 28, 2018
by Jessica Gomez

A Canadian ice dancer Tessa Jane McCormick is professionally known as the Tessa Virtue. Virtue and her skating partner Scott Moir became one ot the most successful Canadian ice dance teams in the entire history. Here we present the five interesting facts about Tessa Virtue which deals with her net worth, personal life, and career.


Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are the first North Americans to win the ICE DANCE at 2010 Vancouver Olympic Game. Today, in this particular column, get to know five interesting facts about Tessa Virtue.

Five facts you need to know about Tessa Virtue

Tessa Virtue was born in London, Ontario, Canada on 17th May 1989 to Kate and Jim Virtue. She is the youngest of their four children. Virtue attended Holy Names High School in Windsor, Ontario. At the age of nine, she got an opportunity to join the National Ballet School and has ever since devoted herself to skating.

5. Tessa Virtue- Skated with Scott since 1997

Tessa and Scott are working together as ice dance partners after teaming up in 1997, for the first time. Scott’s aunt who coached them paired them. They are still together, and this makes them one of the long-lasting dance team in Canadian. In fact, the partnership of this longevity is almost unheard, especially in sports.

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During an interview with CBC, Tessa said, “Our first time out she was seven, and I was nine. We’ve shared a lot over the years. We’ve gone through growth spurts at basically the same time, and the homes where we grew up were very close to each other.”

4. Tessa Virtue- Also an Author

Well, Tessa and her partner Scott published a book together about their ice dance partnership and about the career- Our Journey from Childhood Dream to Gold in October 2010. The book is about the journey of them which gives insight into how they grew up younger form their childhood and also about their journey as an Olympic medalist to World Champions.

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Back in 2013, they even filmed a TV show which aired on W Network- Tessa and Scott. The show mainly focused on their tanning for the Olympics.

3. Tessa Virtue- Net Worth

One of the ice dancers, Tessa has won many gold medal for Canada since the date she had been paired up with Scott. Tessa Virtue's net worth is estimated to be around $2million.

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2. Tessa Virtue- Linked with former Boyfriend

Well talking about her personal life, Tessa was once linked with her former boyfriend- David Pelletier. Rumors were taking the surface that Tessa was the reason that David’s wife- Jamie Sale filed a divorce in 2010.

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We are sure that Tessa was linked in a romantic love relationship with David, but both the parties denied to reveal the reason why they were separating.

1. Tessa Virtue- Involved in Controversy

Not only Tessa but also her former dance partner Scott were involved in coaching controversies in 2014. Again, Tessa was also involved in an ice dancing controversy. They felt that their coach was giving more attention to another pair- Meryl Davis and Charlie White.