Five Facts You Need To Know about Neal Bledsoe

A Canadian actor, best known for appearing in The CW's Ugly Betty is a heartthrob for millions of fans out there. Are you among them? If yes, then here we brought some of the five interesting facts about Neal Bledsoe.


Neal is best known for his outstanding role in Smash as John Goodwin. So, without any delay let’s get into the topic which deals five interesting facts about Neal Bledsoe. Stick with us.

Five Facts You need to know about Neal Bledsoe

Neal Bledsoe was born on March 26, 1981, in Toronto, Ontario. He attended several schools but completed his high school education from North Carolina School of Arts.

Neal Bledsoe- Starting of career

Well, Neal started his career as an actor by playing small screen debut in 2005. He portrayed the role of Quinn in the television series- Guiding Light. His acting was so perfect that his minor appearances in some of the series in television created some major impact on the audiences.

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And after his demand in the market, he landed in the field of acting. His family, friends, and society were very supportive. They hugely supported him and revealed that they were always behind him.

Neal Bledsoe- Prepares Gay kiss with Ed Westwick

Back in 2009, Ed Westwick and Neal shared a same-sex smooch in one of the episodes of Gossip Girl. However, the headline of kiss did not air until Oct. 19, 2009. Neal portrayed a gay NYU alumnus whom Blair pimp’s boyfriend Chuck offered us a sneak preview.

Neal thought that his name would be Neil Diamond or Neil Sedaka as it was the first experience with the paparazzi.

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Neal Bledsoe- Breakthrough performance

The year 2010 was fortunate for Neal as his breakthrough performance came after portraying the role of Kevin in the movie Sex and the City2. And after that movie, Neal was popular among the ladies.

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Neal Bledsoe- A Very Secretive person

Well, Neal is quite secretive when it comes to his personal life. His personal life has been hidden from the media as well from his fans across the world. However, he has never been known for being in any relationship with any celebrities.

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As he has managed to win the heart of millions of fans across the world, but the sad part is he is still hiding his personal information regarding his relationship. We just can hope that he will soon reveal some of the information about his personal life to the media and fans very soon.

Neal Bledsoe- Won Technical Award

As Neal Bledsoe is able to win the heart of his millions of fans, he has grabbed many awards during the period acting, and in the year 2012, he was given an award of "Technical Award" for his brilliant performance in thriller movie "Junction."

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So today as a bonus pack, we have brought some of the interesting five short facts about Neal Bledsoe. And the facts are listed below:

  • Neal has had his roles on the daytime soaps All My Children, Guiding Light, and As the World Turns.

  • Neal has shared a kiss with Ed Westwick's in the episode of Gossip Girl.

  • Neal was in the original of Broadway production of Impressionism, Joan Allen and, starring Jeremy Irons in 2009.

  • Neal also has been involved with the 52nd Street Project- a New York City theater company that is faithful to the creation and production of new plays for the kids between the ages of 9 and 18.

  • Neal also appeared in a commercial ad for Old Spice's Danger Zone line of products, but the ad aired only in the international markets.