Five Facts you need to know about Natalie Morales

An American journalist who is currently working for NBC News, Natalie Morales is also the lead anchor of Access Hollywood. Besides her successful professional career, she is quite successful in her personal life.

One of the most stunning journalists, Natalie Morales has a stable loving family as well as a stable job. So today let's just know five interesting facts about Natalie Morales. Just keep scrolling:

Five Facts you need to know about Natalie Morales

Natalie Morales was born on 6 June 1972 in Taipei, Taiwan. She spent the first eighteen years of her life in America. She completed her graduation in 1990 from Caesar, Delaware. She holds Bachelor of Arts degree with dual majors in Journalism and Latin American studies. She married Joseph Rhodes on August 22, 1998, and are still living a happy married life with each other.

Natalie Morales- Weekend REPORTER

During the beginning of Natalie's career, she served as a weekend reporter and morning at WVIT-TV, where she reported on the Hurricane Floyd, 2001 attacks. She also co-hosted the Emmy-nomination documentary, Save Our Sound-a joint production with WNBC on preserving the Long Island Sound.

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Natalie Morales- Marriage relationship with Joe Rhodes

Natalie Morales is married to Joe Rhodes since 1998 and till the date, there are no any rumors regarding their divorce. Before being in a marriage relationship, the couple reportedly dated each other many years before tying the knot.

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Even after these years, both of them had both bad as well good times but they still look as fresh as they had at the beginning of their love life.

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Natalie Morales- Mother of two children

Natalie experienced several complications during her pregnancy. Before giving birth to two children, she went through a miscarriage. But those things do not affect now, she is now blessed with two sons.

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Natalie Morales- Affair with Matt Lauer

Both Natalie and Matt were rumored to be in a relationship. Their controversy rose to fame in 2012  and at that time  Natalie Morales was fired from Today's Show because of her Affair with Matt Lauer but, despite their rumor, both of them are still with their spouses. And their affair rumors are no longer carrying ruffles.

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Natalie Morales- Net worth

Natalie has collected a huge amount of money for her profession. She reportedly earns an estimated net worth of $8.5 million and earns an annual salary of $2 million. In late 2016, she sold the house which she purchased the townhouse in Hoboken at $ 1 million.