Five Facts you need to know about Kimberly Guilfoyle

March 9, 2018
First Published On: March 9, 2018

An American television news journalist, Kimberly Guilfoyle is also an American former attorney. She is one of the top co-hosts of The Five on Fox News. Check out some of the top five interesting facts about Kimberly Guilfoyle.


Kimberly is also a former Victoria’s Secret model. She worked as a model to attend the law school. Let’s know more exciting facts about Kimberly in detail. So, let’s get started.

Top Five facts need to know about Kimberly Guilfoyle

Kimberly Guilfoyle was born on 8 March 1969 in San Francisco, California, the U.S to an Irish father and Puerto Rican mother. She completed her high school graduation from Mercy High School and graduated magna cum laude- Latin Honors from the University of California.

5. Kimberly Guilfoyle- A writer

Kimberly is also a writer as she wrote a successful book in 2015, Making The Case: How To Be Your Own Best Advocate. And in May 2015, the book landed on Nielsen BookScan’s on the best-seller list. If you are interested to read the book than it is on Enjoy reading the book.

CAPTION: Kimberly Guilfoyle- A writer SOURCE: Politico

The book talks about how Kimberly was inspired by her father to be one of the best which she could be after the death of her mother from leukemia. He also further taught her to respect the other side of a debate.

4. Kimberly Guilfoyle- Huge fans of SPORTS

Yes, it is true, Kimberly is a huge fan of Sports, and she loves to watch sports. And do you know- she plays them even more. In an interview, she said that her first team was all boy soccer team. And at her school days, she wanted to play soccer, but there was no team of girls. And she played with the boy's soccer team.

CAPTION: Kimberly Guilfoyle- Huge fans of SPORTS SOURCE: News & Information

3. Kimberly Guilfoyle- Howard Stern’s favorite

Kimberly is one of Howard Stern’s favorite because he is a massive fan of the show- The Five, especially Kimberly. He often talks about Kimberly as well as her team on his show.

Youtube: Howard Stern Talks Comey & Kimberly Guilfoyle Replacing Sean Spicer;

Not only Howard but Kimberly also discusses Howard on her show. Kimberly also said that the day Howard started watching the show, she has grown a little mature.

2. Kimberly Guilfoyle- Married Twice

It’s true, Kimberly got married twice but none her marriage relationship last long. At first, she was married to husband, Gavin Newson- the current Lieutenant Governor of California in 2001. Their marriage lasted for more than five years. And in 2005, Kimberly filed for divorce against Gavin with a reason of bi-coastal marriage. Their divorce was finalized on February 28, 2006.

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After Kimberly’s first marriage relationship failure, she got hitched to second spouse, Eric Villency. It is believed that Kimberly had an extra material affair with Eric because their son Ronan Anthony was born after five months of their marriage. And in 2009, Kimberly announced the news regarding her divorce from Eric.

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1.Is Kimberly Guilfoyle dating Anthony Scaramucci?

According to Page Six, Kimberly is enjoying a whirlwind romance with an American financer, Anthony Scaramucci. However, both Kimberly and Anthony denied to be in a relationship, but most of the sources said that they have gone house-hunting and jetted off to Rome.

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Youtube: Is Kimberly Guilfoyle dating Anthony Scaramucci?;

Kimberly also said that he is her best friend. And as per the reports, they are getting cozier but are not committing to anything yet. And we think that it’s too early to call them a couple. Let them enjoy their company with each other.