Five Facts you need to know about Debbie McGee, Wife of Paul Daniels

February 7, 2018
First Published On: February 7, 2018

An English stage and television performer, Debbie McGee is highly recognized for being a widow as well as an assistant of the great magician, Paul Daniels. Debbie began her career at the age of 7 as her parents used to send her to dance school. So, today we present you some of the five facts about Debbie McGee.


Debbie McGee achieved national and international name and fame after her appearance on television with Daniels. Without any delay, let’s know five facts about Debbie McGee in detail. Keep scrolling.

Five facts you need to know about Debbie McGee

Debbie McGee was born on 31 October 1958 in Kingston upon the Thames. She attended Our Lady Immaculate RC Primary School and after her graduation, she joined the Iranian National Ballet Company and became the part of the Corps de Ballet at the age of 19.

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Debbie McGee- Joined Dougie Squires

When Debbie could not build her career in corps de ballet- the member of the lowest rank of a dancer in a ballet company, as she was forced to run from the country, she joined Dougie Squires’s Second Generation troupe as a dancer. The troupe also involved touring Europe with actors including James Last and Chris de Burgh.

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She performed in Dougie Squires’s London stage show It’s Magic on 10th December 1980. And the show became one of the longest-running magic shows ever been played in the West End.

Debbie McGee- Hired by BBC producer

When Debbie achieved national and international fame with Daniel, BBC producer, John Fisher asked Daniel to appear in the BBC One Series, The Paul Daniels Magic Show with McGee. The show began in 1979 and the series continued until 1994.

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And Daniel regularly refers Debbie on his TV show as The Lovely Debbie McGee. And after working with together for so many years, they decide to tie the knot in 1988.

Debbie McGee- First Female Member of The Magic Circle

In the year 1991, Debbie became the first female member of The Magic Circle- a society of British professional magicians. Debbie celebrated her happiness by appearing on TV to perform one of her trick accompanied by the magician Daniels as her assistant. 

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Debbie McGee- Presented Box Jumper

In the year 2004, Debbie presented Box Jumper- a radio documentary which presented a two-part documentary about magician’s assistant for BBC Radio 4. Besides being a magician, ballet dancer, she also works as a presenter for the BBC Radio Berkshire.

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Debbie McGee- Part of many reality TV shows

Debbie is not only known as a ballet dancer or widow of the great magician, Paul Daniels, but she is also known as reality star as she also has appeared in the reality shows like Celebrity Wife Swap, Celebrity MasterChef, The Farm, Come Dine With Me, Celebrity Carry On Barging, The X Factor, The X-factor: Battel of the Stars.

So there are some of the five facts about Debbie McGee. We hope that you enjoyed reading this.