Five facts you need to know about Catherine Bell

An Iranian-American actress, Catherine Bell is best known for her roles in the television series JAG, Denise Sherwood, Army Wives and Hallmark's The Good Witch. Here, we have collected five facts you need to know about Catherine Bell.


The stunning actress, Catherine is fond of motorcycling, snowboarding, skiing, and kicking-boxing. So today check out these five unknown and very interesting facts about Catherine Bell. Just stick with us.

Five interesting facts you need to know about Catherine Bell

Actress, Catherine Bell was born on 14 August 1986 in London as Catherine Lisa Bell. When she was just 2 years old, her parents separated and was raised by her Iranian mother, grandmother, and grandfather. Her grandparents were Muslim but Catherine was raised with Catholicism. She studied acting at Beverly Hills Playhouse and then she tried her luck in the acting field.

1. Catherine Bell- Dropped out from the university

Before Catherine studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, she considered her career in medicine and research. Although she worked as a model in Japan, she studied Biology at UCLA and wanted to become a doctor.

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But she dropped out to pursue her career in modeling and acting and then she studied acting. However, she is still achieving her success in the acting field.

2. Catherine Bell- Raised Roman Catholic

Although Catherine grandparents were Muslim, she was raised in Roman Catholic. She attended an all-girls Catholic School. She attended the Scientology and is actively supporting Scientology's Hollywood Education and Literacy Project.

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3. Catherine Bell- Obtain THREE line role in JAG

It's true that Catherine obtain three-line role in one of the episodes of NBC TV series JAG and that three line role of Catherine centers on the network of the United State Navy Judge Advocate General's Office and later on NBC canceled  the show,

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The show was later picked by CBS and it reconstructed on the series and again Bell was applied for that part and won it.

4. Catherine Bell- Unsuccessful marriage life

Although Catherine is a quite successful actress, she has experienced a failure in her married life. Catherine and Adam were once a happily married couple. They were together for 17 years and have a daughter but the couple got parted in 2011 which was finalized in 2015.

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5. Catherine Bell- Net Worth

Catherine Bell's net worth is around $35 million. She has a good earning from her acting career as she has a significant role in many hit movies. One of her movie, Bruce Almighty, has grossed more than $242 million through the country and $484 million worldwide.